Friday, July 21, 2006

For those of you who thought parenting was easy...this is what we've been dealing with each night from 10 to 2. This little guy is a party animal. Unless you constantly walk him, he is crying. We hear this too, shall pass. When? Just a few days ago we worried that he slept too much...
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The boys...Keegan, Angus and Mac.  Posted by Picasa

Monday, July 17, 2006

Sleepy Keegan. Talked to Allison today - seems Luke is in the land of slumber as well. Apparently we are supposed to cherish this sleepy time because too soon, they will be full of energy. Posted by Picasa

Grandma Jean finally meets Keegan. She could hardly stand to wait until Sunday, and hasn't put him down since except to let me feed him.  Posted by Picasa

Keegan's new best friend is Peggy Conway. She has a special touch and was able to lull Keegan into a sound sleep. I have a feeling I'll be calling Peggy for help when the grandparents all go home! And, I don't think she'll mind one bit! Posted by Picasa

The Conway clan arrived on Saturday for a visit. Mr. Conway is Angus' TaeKwonDo instructor and mentor. The Conways are also very special friends. The whole family took turns holding Keegan - he just basked in all the attention.  Posted by Picasa

Aunt Ruthie came by for a visit on Saturday. It was great to have her meet Keegan, and she brought me some of her homemade pasta sauce. You can't diet while your Posted by Picasa

Keegan has some jaundice, although it seems to be getting much better. The pediatrician recommended sun therapy. So, he is basking in the sun, working on his first sun tan, and checking himself out in the mirror Posted by Picasa

Grandma got creative with picture taking and put Keegan in the Africa basket. He seemed to think it was pretty cozy. Then again, he's a pretty cozy little fellow! Posted by Picasa

We're home! We're a little out of order here, but I'm sure I'll be forgiven - have been a little busy. Mac is starting to take to his baby brother. He is inherently curious, and barks at us when Keegan cries to take care of him. He isn't aggressive, just seems to want to lick him all over.  Posted by Picasa