Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Congratulations Olivia, Class of 2009!!!
This weekend the Pollard family traveled to Boston to celebrate the graduation of dada's cousin's (Peggy, above) daughter (Oliva, above).  We got there just in time for the party, including cake, because it's no surprise that I would not have sat still for one second of a graduation ceremony!
The Iafrates have a swimming pool that I begged to go in until mama just gave up and let me play on the first two steps.  Miraculously, I did not fall in, but there is (still) a plastic truck stuck between the stairs and the pool side.  Hee hee. 
I got to meet dada's Unc and Pat this weekend
I also spent quality time with Willy dog, who's the sweetest puppy.  
On Sunday, mama, dada and I attempted the navigate the streets of Boston to the wharf to visit the New England Aquarium.  Mama about lost her mind and fired the GPS woman, but we eventually got there.  Dada and I checked out the jellyfish while mama cooled off. 
Enjoying the beautiful weather and a lemonade.   When we got into the Aquarium, dada showed me the tide pool, 
I sat on a turtle, 
Mama and I watched the sea lions dance in the water back and forth, and back and forth, 
(there they go again!)
but my favorite activity of all at the Aquarium was watching for SHARKS with dada in all the windows of the three story HUMONGAZOID aquarium. 
Look, we found one!
On the way out, we saw the Spirit of Massachusetts (the beautiful sailboat center in the picture), and said "hi" to her for Ruthie.  (Side note -- Olivia, Ruthie's precious daughter, was born in April -- post on her to come soon, now that mama is back in the blogging saddle).  It was the perfect end to a perfect afternoon.  
Then, dada and I took naps at the hotel while mama caught up with her college girlfriend, Jen Labbadia-Colon, at an Irish pub in Waltham over a couple Guinness.  
They all met at Southampton College on Long Island in New York -- fall, 1993 (Jen knew mama a few weeks before mama met dada first semester, when Jen and mama were only 18).  It was a magical time.  16 years?  Pshaw. 
The next day, we met Jen and her sons Jonah and Asher at the Children's Museum.  
I played some hoops.  Mama liked this shot (and for the record, is loving this Mac to pieces -- Iphoto and blogger with it is the bomb!).  
Jonah and I went for a spin.  What a couple of cool dudes.  
We pulled over to get some gas.  Jen was silly with her hard hat on!
But we all loved the construction zone!
I also got a kick out of driving the plane - it really looked like I was taking off and landing.  We did not try this on the way back to Houston today. 
Mama and I tried to catch butterflies on our fingers (except they had already landed on our heads). 
What a great time at the Children's museum!  After we sadly sad goodbye to the Colon crew after chowing down on Au Bon Pain, me and mama went back to the hotel for naps while dada and the fam went to the same Irish pub in Waltham.  What can we say, but Slainte!?
After naps, mama and I went back to "Boston" (aka cousin Peggy's house) to do a little play do action, then, yep, you guessed it, we all went to another Irish pub for dinner and more Guinness.  It's very important to celebrate your roots!
I took this lovely self portrait on the way home. 
And what's a night out without a stop at Friendly's for a chocolate soft serve sundae with sprinkles and whooped cream?
And before we knew it, it was Sunday morning.  Time for one last breakfast in the Suite (Hyatt Suites are highly recommended by mama and dada - separate bedroom and bath, kitchen, and I'm looking into a living room with couch where I slept at night).  
We had such a great family vacation, but it's always good to get home (to your 1000 Matchbox car collection, plus a few new ones).  We can't wait to host the Iafrates here soon!  Rumor has it we've got a few Irish pubs of our own!