Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Over the weekend, we had a mini Southampton College reunion with Shannon, Nikki and Ruthie. Fun to have all the girls together again. Can you believe it's been 13 years since we met? Posted by Picasa

I bartered with Nikki for some of her professional photographs while she was in Texas for the weekend - in return, she got a steak dinner from Saltgrass, and her first taste of Texas Beer, Shiner Bock. It is great to have some pictures to memorialize this belly - Nikki is truly so incredibly talented.  Posted by Picasa

The belly, big belly.  Posted by Picasa

My personal favorite - if you look close, you can see baby Pollard's butt, back, ??? above my belly button and to the right of the tatoo. I am holding out hope that is not a head! Posted by Picasa

Shannon and Nikki came for a visit this weekend while Angus was at Black Belt Camp in Alabama. I wanted to have back up in case baby Pollard decided to make his debut early. No such luck! I am clearly looking huge in this picture - have you seen a fatter face than mine right now? Nikki and Shannon are both doing great, and look great as well. We had a great time - can't wait to have them back after the baby is born. Posted by Picasa

Mac was happy to have company too. He sits in front of the guestroom where Shannon slept, just hoping that she will come out in the morning.  Posted by Picasa