Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Ok mama and dada, I know you planned that I would stay in the crib until you needed it for something else (another baby, perhaps), but I had other plans. When I woke up from my nap the other day, Ga found me trying to "ride" the crib like a horsey, so just like that, the famous "Elephant Bed" and a brand new mattress were set up in my room. Grandpa Hochmuth made this bed for my cousins Jamie and Katie, and now it's my turn to take a roll in the jungle.

So now I've got a mixed theme going on. A sort of "think globally, act locally" idea with the earth, elephants and cars/trucks/bull-DOE-zers.

Of course mama and dada weren't sure how it would go over with me, so they kept the crib set up, just in case.
But just like giving up the bottle was no big deal, neither was giving up the crib. I was a little unsure about the whole thing until dada showed me how to sleep in my big boy bed. After that I slept the rest of the night like a charm. If only giving up "pass" and potty training were this easy...
Labor Day weekend, a non-hurricane, and a trip to the park Everyone was all set to spend the weekend at the beach.
I had my party accessories all ready to go. The adults were ready to party too. Dada went fishing, and I waited not so patiently for him to return. On Saturday, mama and dada celebrated their five year anniversary. On Sunday, Ga and Papa celebrated their 40 year anniversary. After I went to bed, they had a champagne jam.

Who votes I look like dada?

Like mama? Here is am doing one of my most favorite activities...driving the golf cart. I like to take at least five rides a day in this baby.
On Sunday, dada and papa hung up the plywood on the windows, just in case Gustov came closer to the Texas coast. We are all thankful that the storm didn't wreak as much havoc as anticipated.
The return of the lovebugs. Poor lady lovebug, must you always stay with your lover?
Ga looking as spriteful as her wedding day, forty years ago!
On Sunday evening, to be safe and clear of Gustav's path, mama and I took the ferry back to Galveston, picked up mama's car, and headed for Katy. It was a hot journey, but we made it, no worse for the wear. On the way home, we stopped at a playground because I'd been asking to go to one all weekend. I tore down the purple slide. Playgrounds make me happy!
Wee, I like to spin in circles.

And take a quiet moment to rest. But not for long...