Thursday, October 21, 2010

Today we did our civic duty...
with spiders on my feet!
Decorating cupcakes with candy corn - tis the season!
Just another day at the beach
Look at my super cool board shorts! Thanks Janet, William, Liam and Logan!
Look at the fish I caught! With my bare hands! Like Mr. Miagee with the chopsticks!
The other day, I asked mama when Finn would be able to play with me. Mama said it would be awhile, so I decided I would play with him!
Finn liked my "vinoculars" (not really)
I generously let Finn borrow my bear, but just for a minute.
Finn wasn't too interested in my yellow monster truck. I wonder what he'll like to play with?
He was not happy in the bucket, but I sure had a good laugh over it!
I celebrated my ten week birthday at the beach. Mama and dada bought me a pack and play for the celebration, both because I love the one I have at the house in Katy (just like my brother loved his when he was small) and because it makes them happy that I love it. Unlike my brother, I love the bear mobile on this pack and play. I talk to the bears in the morning and tell them all my problems. We also share lots of laughs.
I wildly kick my feet, which makes the bears move around.
See my super cute socks/shoes? Thanks Krista and Annabel!
Sweet Finn.
Grandma and Grandpa came into town for a couple days because they couldn't stand to not see me and Finn until Christmas. We lapped up all the attention we could get.
I conned Grandpa into helping me do my homework. The letter was "V" and we colored a vulture, vest and volcano.
Grandma loved holding Finn. He wasn't quite the sleepy head he was last time she was here, but he still lapped up Grandma attention too!
Grandma sure loves her boys! Look, Finn is wearing another outfit from when I was a baby!