Monday, March 08, 2010


Yesterday at lunch, mama and dada were quizzing me on where I live as part of their stranger danger awareness games. I was right on with the street where I live. When asked what the "numbers" were, though, I answered 234 dot com. No one knows where that came from, but obviously, we have some more work to do.

Sunday, March 07, 2010

Today mama, dada and I packed up the truck and headed down to Kemah to enjoy the weather. It wasn't as sunny as yesterday, or as warm, but it was still a good day to get out. By the way, this is my new thing -- I will look at mama's camera, instead of ignoring her requests for me to look -- but I stick my tongue out. Nice.
We all enjoyed watching the boats go in and out. There were some might fine boats passing by.
There was a neat playground, so I got to climb, run and slide.
Dada and I played a fishing game, and no surprise, we won! I got to choose between a bear and a fish, so I picked a bear and named him Oscar.
I was a little scared to ride the train, not evident from my cheese grin below, because it seems like every time I ride a train, there is some scary tunnel with sharks or other frightening things that pop out of no where. This train ride didn't disappoint with its Texas gun fight tunnel. Seriously people?
There were plenty of cool vehicles for me to pose by, like this cool old truck,
and this Police car (that I think looks like the Sheriff from Cars)
and I asked to have my picture taken with this camper (mama asks that you ignore the fact that I want to pose by a camper, and dada asks that you ignore the fact that the camper is advertising vodka).
Mac has been enjoying the sunshine.
I built a mini construction site in the backyard on Saturday.
Big surprise, I got really, really dirty. I was covered, so much so that mama had to hose me off (literally) before she would let me inside to the bathtub. She thought that would teach me to get so dirty, but I enjoyed playing in the water from the hose so much, I didn't want to go inside to the bath.
It's finally getting nice out and we've been able to spend some time outside in the backyard. I am thrilled to "get some energy out." I've heard this so many times that I fess up when I just need to run it off.
The bugs are out too - I'm checking out a mosquito hawk.
I found a long pole stick thing and decided I was a ninja.
Dada and I kicked a ball around a bit, before dada gave us because he preferred to kick a soccer ball. Mama stepped in, but she wasn't nearly as big a challenge.