Wednesday, March 18, 2009

It seemed like it took forever, but Grandma (sometimes meemaw) and Grandpa (sometimes peepaw) finally arrived in Katy on Friday. I was so excited to see them, I could hardly stand it. Of course, they brought me all kinds of new toys and books, of every kind, shape and variety. I'd have to say my favorite is the mail truck, and the school bus with monster truck wheels.
They also brought this Superman truck that can hold my matchbox cars. Grandpa helps me to put them in, because it's a little tricky to keep them in while you load the others up.
Of course, my grandparents had to be here for St. Patrick's day. And of course, Grandma found me a shirt with a tractor carrying a shamrock and a lucky penny. See how happy I am that it was St. Patty's Day?
On March 14, 1995, only 15 months after mama and dada started dating, Grandma cut out a recipe from a magazine for St. Patrick's day cupcakes, figuring that if things kept going the way they were, she'd wind up with an Irish grandkid someday. Sure enough!
So, we set out to make cupcakes. I, of course, was way more interested in dipping my finger in the frosting than putting it on the cupcakes, but Grandma wasn't surprised.
Here we are with the finished product, and I'm still licking my fingers.
A close up of the pan so you can see our masterpiece. I wasn't really too crazy about the "red hair", which was coconut dyed red. I did really love the chocolate chip eyes.
Aren't they pretty?
I am really loving my Grandpa on this trip. I am giving him all the hugs and kisses he asks for.

One day mama met us at the Aquarium downtown for lunch. It was such a beautiful day, and I got to eat dippin' dots too. This weekend we are headed to the beach house so that I can have all my grandparents together in the same house. How cool is that?
On Sunday, mama's good friend Amber and her boyfriend Eric came over for a visit. Amber and Eric travelled from New York to Texas for a wedding. Although this picture makes it look like I was really sweet, in reality, I had the most major meltdown mama and dada and grandma and grandpa, and undoubtedly Amber and Eric, have ever witnessed.

They aren't sure if it was a combination of me being stir crazy from a weekend spent in the house due to the cold, rainy weather; being totally spoiled with new cars from grandma and grandpa; or just a bug, but W-O-W, I tore the house UP on Sunday night at bedtime. After struggling to get me in pjs, mama went downstairs to take a break and apologize to Amber and Eric. I ran from the manroom to my bedroom, saw mama downstairs, and stopped in my tracks. I pointed my finger at mama through the railings and screamed YOU!!!! YOU READ ME BOOKS RIGHT NOW!!!! I have never seen mama move so fast. Needless to say, when the lights went out, I fell fast asleep and was an angel all day Monday for Grandma and Grandpa to make up for it. I just hope Amber doesn't think I'm the devil's spawn.
On Saturday, my buddies Luke and Davis came over for a visit. Davis was quite impressed sitting in a sea of cars. I was a little more willing to share with Davis than I was with Luke, but just a little. Mama is fully cognizant that I need some hefty sharing lessons soon.
Luke and I were pretty sweet to Davis, giving him hugs.
And kisses. Look at poor Davis's face squished between us.

Thanks for coming over guys! Hope to see you again soon.