Thursday, March 15, 2007

Me teaching Grandpa to play drums.

It's getting very green around here...Gaga's had me in green outfits all week in preparation for the big day...
Standing up!

Stayin' alive, stayin' alive.

Down for the count.

And I'm outta here. I am officially crawling. I've got it! Now my hair can grow in on the back of my head. The crawfish crawl is a distant memory.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

This weekend Grandma and Grandma flew in all the way from Chicago to see me. Pawpaw and Gaga were here too (but somehow we missed getting any pictures of Pawpaw, probably because he "worked" all weekend frying fish and boiling crawfish - sorry Pawpaw!). It was nice to have all my grandparents together. Grandma and I had fun playing with all my toys. (check back soon for a video of me and Grandpa - mama can't figure out YouTube tonight, so she promises to post it tomorrow)
Grandma smothered me in kisses, and I ate up all the attention.

It was such a beautiful day on Saturday that Grandma took me for a walk in the yard to look at the flowers. I pick up my legs and march like a little soldier when you hold my hands. Won't be too long before I'm walking on my own. Hopefully long enough for Mama and Daddy to baby proof the house...
Just chillin' with Grandma and Grandpa and the prickly tree.

On Saturday we had a crawfish boil. Mama was craving them something awful since she couldn't eat them last year because she was pregnant and her doctor said she better wait. Daddy's Uncle Russell was in town from Prince Edward Island, Canada with 13 of his biker buddies. They are riding motorcycles from Houston to Los Angeles and back over the next three weeks. Gaga asks that you pray for them to have safe travels. The Canadians weren't too sure what to think of crawfish - I think they were a little too spicy for their northern palates. They cooled off their mouths with lots of beer.
I wanted to hold the crawfish, but daddy was scared he would pinch me. Just wait - in a few years I won't show those bugs any mercy!
I even got to try one of the motorcycles out for size. Watch out! I picked up some chicks along the way. They are my biggest fans (note the t-shirts).
Janet, William, Logan and Liam came over for crawfish. Logan can tear up some mudbugs! Liam is wondering when he can start eating them.

Liam and I did a good job sharing Liam's cool driving toy.
Well, maybe we didn't share well all of the time...

The Bymans came over on Sunday for a visit so that Grandma and Grandpa could meet Luke. Daddy and Matt talked fishing, while Mama and Al talked weight watchers. Way to go Allison - you look great!
I got to hang out with Luke. He is able to pull up, stand up when he has something to hang on to, and sit back down again, not to mention crawl faster than lightening (which officially frightened daddy into beginning to baby proof our home). Grandma felt better with her hands around me knowing that I wouldn't fall and bump my noggin.
I got one last cuddle in with Grandma and fuzzy blue bear. Then, Grandma and Grandpa were off. See you again in July (for my one year birthday!!!).