Tuesday, October 05, 2010

To celebrate October, mama got cookies for me and Finn to make. I did all the work, though.
Me and my little brother.
8 weeks -- long hair keeps falling out, except for a tuft at the back of my scalp so that I have a sideways faux hawk.
And my cheeks keep filling out. One thing that can't be denied, I like to eat. I probably eat more than Keegan does. I am about a third of his size, really.
Busy afternoons...lazy afternoons....
It always seems like we are rushing around at 1:30 to get everything ready to pick up my brother from school -- his snack, his drink, his clothes for swimming or clothes for sports, the library books...but then after we finally get home...
we like to sit in the messy bedroom and chill out together, catch up on the day. Keegan always has funny stories to tell and Lego airports, restaurants and cities to build while mama feeds me. Life is good.
One night dada came home early from work because it was gorgeous outside, and we all went outside to celebrate. Hooray for cooler weather!
Seven weeks - this is my "I'm seriously ready to eat face"
Smiling more and interacting now.
I rule!
6 weeks and starting to smile...
I am happiest in the mornings after I've been fed. I like to hang out in the boppy with mama until I have a major blow out.
Sweet boy.
Our Aunt Bridey flew all the way down from Missouri to visit us -- if anyone loves a baby, it's Aunt Bridey. See how happy she is?
Dada had to go to Austin to test for his senior fifth degree black belt, so mama packed Bridey, me and Finn in the van and we all drove down to the beach for the weekend. I was very well behaved in the van because I watched movies the whole way down.
Aunt Bridey couldn't get enough of Finn. She is so photogenic too!
We spent lots of time down by the water. Finn loves it there and sleeps like a champ when he can hear the waves rolling in.
Bridey hanging out with us after we had showers after the beach. She was showing me Finn's chubby cheeks.
Poor Finn got his first little sunburn on his cheeks - see, he's a little red. It faded away within a day, but mama sure did feel bad.