Saturday, October 10, 2009

This week I've been sick, yuck sick.  I was out of it last Sunday, started running a high temp Monday morning, which stuck for a couple days, then I got an awful cough.  On Thursday, we went to the doctor and I have "almost bronchitis."  I am taking an inhaler for a couple days, and an antibiotic.  I'm feeling much better today, Saturday, and miraculously, no one else in the house caught it.  Mama and I played outside tonight.  It was actually cool out.  
Playing in my pirate ship, looking for ferries.  
Mama said "typical Keegan."  I love to fly off the slide.  
On Friday, dada and I built a "car show" down the entire length of the hallway.  No doubt, I have a lot of cars.  
Crazy hair and a chocolate chip cookie.  Scar on forehead has healed well, as has finger.  
Last weekend mama and dada's friends Ruthie and Scott, and precious 5 month old Olivia visited the beach.  The weather was pretty rotten, but we made a good time of it. 
When the rain stopped, we were able to hang out under the beach house and play, until the mosquitos came out.  
I think Olivia had a great time!
A few weekends ago, Grandpa and Grandma flew on a Southwest airplane to visit me.  They brought lots of new toys, as usual, and I'm one spoiled grandkid.  Grandma loved to soak in the sun at Ga and Papa's beach house.  

We finally brought out the stomp rocket this weekend.  My best buddy Luke gave it to me for my birthday, but mama stashed it until a "rainy day."  Everyone had fun taking turns seeing how far they could launch it.  Look at me reaching for the stars. 
Mama stomped it high, but not the highest.  Mr. Harvey got that award easy.   We used Dale and Debra's driveway, Ga and Papa's neighbors - my family will stay there at Thanksgiving.  We can't wait to see everyone!
Dada hangin' on the boat. 
Me hangin' on the boat.  I can't wait to get on this puppy with dada to fish again. 
Playin' cars with Grandpa.  He gave me change to load up my dump trucks.  
Thanks for visiting Grandma and Grandpa.  Can't wait to see you at Thanksgiving.