Friday, October 03, 2008

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Second trip to Chi-town.

Last weekend me, dada and mama flew to Chicago to visit Meemaw and Grandpa. I wanted to personally wish Grandpa a happy 66th birthday. I was quite well behaved on the plane, thanks to dada's DVD player and Light'ning 'Queen, aka Cars.
After we arrived, Meemaw and Grandpa took me on a walk in downtown Glen Ellyn.
We went for lunch at 2Toots (kindof like me, Tooter McGee). There was a train that circled the restaurant to bring everyone their food. There was also a loud whistle that about blew me off the bar seat every time it rang to let someone know their hamburger was on its way.
I showed Meemaw and Grandpa that I'm a true Texan on the horse.
When we finally went to their house, Meemaw gave me a vehicle from every country in the European Union - tractors from Venice and bulldozers from Austria and even a cruise ship from Greece. The list is endless - you have NO IDEA how many vehicles there were. I tried to count them all - 2, 1, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 3 - that's how I count right now. After I took a nap, mama's buddy Melanie, her husband Yaniv and Simone came to have dinner and catch up. Mama had such a good time with Meller.
I had a good time with Simone, for about 3 minutes. I showed her my fire truck, and then I went about playing and let her do her baby stuff. Simone's cute, but she's no John Deere.
On Saturday morning, the family went to Cosley Zoo.
Look at the beautiful Shetland Pony.
We all got a good laugh when it rolled around on the ground to scratch his back.
After taking a time out for some refreshments (and a trip to the gift store with Meemaw where I got yet another vehicle - this time a Safari Truck),
I got to pick a pumpkin from the pumpkin patch.
This is it!
Mama and dada wanted to enjoy the fresh air a little more, so we went to Northside Park to the playground. There was also a sledding hill, but it was no good this time of year. Check out my hair after I went down this slide!
Grandpa helped me to dig a hole to China. Well, almost.
On Saturday evening, we had lots of friends and family come by to visit. Mama's great friend Sandy and her daughter Melissa and her daughter Noelle (pictured) were there. Noelle is one tough cookie - how many girls do you know that want to play with tractors?
I also got to hang with my second cousin Noah. We actually got along quite well, after some initial tusseling over who got to play with the super duper trackhoe mover. Social skills in progress.
I also got to hang with Ethan, my other second cousin. He's a real big boy and chased me around and around the house.
We finally got to give Grandpa his birthday present - a brand new fishing reel. Dada said it will give him another excuse to come to Texas to fish soon.
On Sunday, Grandpa took me to the little park in the woods.
On the way home, Grandpa found a tiddly-wink and put it on his nose. Funny guy.
Ha-ha! Me too!
I was sad to leave, but we'll see my G's soon in Minneapolis for Christmas. For now, I need to get back to school. So, I'll sit back, listen to a little Bob Marley, let mama catch a few winks (seriously) and fly home to Texas. I'll catch you on the flip side.