Sunday, February 24, 2008

Katy High School Rodeo
Dada heard that the Katy High School Rodeo was going on this weekend, so he and mama figured they would stop by to check it out on Saturday night. They never guessed it would be so big. We could hardly find a parking spot in the place, and even when we finally go the car parked, the line was around the block to get into the rodeo. We decided to skip the rodeo and visit the horses and the Midway (the fair) instead. I got to pet Ned. He was very gentle and sweet, even when I stuck my fingers up his nose.
Mama took me on my first carousel ride. She wanted to puke after, but I was fine.

Dada and I played darts to win a stuffed animal cow. Check out my cowboy boots! By the way, we did not do any time travel to the rodeo - we have no idea why the camera thought it was November, 2004...
What's better than the weather in February in Texas?
Dada took his boat out on Saturday to get it ready for a fishin' trip on Sunday. I "helped" him to clean it up.
I also took a spin at the wheel. I am so ready to go out on the water, but mama's not too sure.
While we were outside, the ice cream man came. Who ever heard of the ice cream man coming in February?

It was a no brainer on what kind I would get. Spiderman, of course. Mama ate the gumball eyeballs, but I took good care of the rest. After I got all messy with ice cream, I played in a mud puddle on the side of the house so that mama had no choice but to give me a good bath. I love the bath!
New books in the mail!
Mama ordered some new books in the mail from Amazon. I'm really into the "David" books right now, so she got me No David No, which I found very funny, especially when David escapes nudey from his house. I giggle whenever I see that picture. So does mama. Dada hopes I'm not planning to do the same.

Sometimes I like to read myself. Here I am just chillin'.