Sunday, July 26, 2009

My friend Luke's dada once said, you always know when Keegan's been around because all the cars are lined up. 
Keegan's been here. 
I was glad my cousin like to push me on the swing.  We had some good times in the backyard, when I wasn't driving him crazy. 

While my cousins were here, we got to play rock band.  Me and dada made quite a team (except I didn't know my drums weren't plugged in)

Playing in the front yard on my John Deere
Watering the plants, and dada's tree.  And you can tell from my grin that I was about to water mama too!  Stop with the camera already!

Pretty flowers smelling beautiful. 
Watering the plants is a dirty job, but I don't mind.  
After my cousins arrived, we all headed down to the beach to celebrate my third birthday.  We had a BIG party, and it was all about construction, since that is what I am passionate about (well, that, and my car collection).  We decorated Ga and Papa's house with this banner, yellow and orange streamers, and balloons.  I wished we never had to take them down!
My friend Hannah and her mom Kelly were the first guests to arrive, probably because they didn't have to deal with that nasty ferry or the I-10 traffic from Houston.  The trip to the beach is a snap from Beaumont!
It was great to see some of my other friends that I haven't seen in a long time, like Charlene and her son Evan.  Evan and my cousin Brenden are old buds, and they had fun hanging with Mac. 
Mama and two of the law school ladies, Stacy and Kelly. 
Stacy's sons Jackson, who is turning the big "4" in October, and his younger brother Hudson.  Look at Huddy's tongue - that is one long one!  Mama was glad I'm not the only one who is always licking the pool water!
As if on cue, a big flat bed truck rolled by the party with a HUGE back hoe on it.  Construction theme at the beach, very apropos.  
This is my future girlfriend, Kamryn, and her mama Katie.  I love Kam.  Isn't she cute?
Justy and Shawna made it to the beach too.  I was glad because Justin is sillier than most of my friends.  
Stacy and her family, including Nate, who organized all the work on mama and dada's patio.  We highly recommend him, if anyone wants a patio, or any other work on their house!
And no party is worth its weight without a cake.  This is my homemade construction cake, made with love by Ga, Aunt Bridey and mama.  It's not perfect, but it sure did taste good. 
I wasn't really sure about the candles, and certainly looked a little nervous when the candles were lit.  
It was no small feat lighting the candles at the windy beach, so dada was rightfully proud of himself for getting that job done.  That, and getting the pinata up.  Poor dada gets all the hard jobs. 
It wasn't just kids at my party -- here is the peanut gallery, Dennis, Papa and Randy. 
My best bud Luke's mama Allison, with Luke's younger brother Davis.  Davis is a bruiser -- he's definitely on his way to a football career!
Luke and me eating cake.  We didn't mess around.  Delicious!
Hanging out with Katie and Kam, sharing berries. 
Kam and Randy on the beach taking a ride in the golf cart.  Mama calls Randy dada's "man-wife"; dada calls him his "first mate."  Whatever you call him, Randy is a great friend. 
Justin and Shawna -- thanks guys, for my Texans jersey!  Love it, and I'm ready for a little game time.  Maybe this fall? 
Katie, Kamryn, Randy and Randy's son Austin brought me the super cool bulldozer.  I had a ball with it on the beach!
My buddies Liam and Logan stopped by the beach too.  We were glad they were able to make it.  
Thanks everyone for coming!  We appreciate everyone making the long haul down for my party.  Please let us know when you want to visit again!  You know Ga and Papa are always up for a party!