Saturday, October 07, 2006

All clean after bathtime. Mom is enjoying having a whole day to play with me - these weekends sure go by fast! Posted by Picasa

Mom went back to work this week (can you believe three months went so fast!), so Grandma Ellie added "nanny" to her resume. She will be staying with me during the week. I love hanging out with Grandma - she talks to me, sings to me (she knows lots more songs than mom), and loves to help me play with the toys. She showed me how to pass this toy from my right hand to my left. Mom was so impressed, and dad thinks it's a sign that I will some day be a switch hitter in baseball. Maybe I'll play for the Astros... Posted by Picasa

Tummy time Posted by Picasa

Last weekend my Aunt Nikki came to visit all the way from Brooklyn. Daddy is going for "Husband of the Year" - he surprised Mom by flying Nikki down to take pictures of me and the family. Mom was so happy to have one of her best friends in town so that she could show me off. As many of you know, Nikki is an incredible photographer. She took the best picture at mom and dad's wedding, and great photos of mom's belly with me in it (one where you can even see my round head). Nikki took about 800 photos last weekend, so we'll have lots more professional pictures to share soon. Mom was getting complaints that she kept cutting off my head in the pictures! Thanks for coming Nikki - can't wait to see you again! Posted by Picasa

My Aunt Nikki's great! She knew just where to play with me - in my favorite spot, the diaper changing station.  Posted by Picasa

I love to see your face when there's not a big camera in front of it! Posted by Picasa

Sunday, October 01, 2006

For my 12 week birthday, mom and dad bought me this Bumbo chair. It is very cool and lets me sit up, which I prefer these days to laying down, well, most of the time.  Posted by Picasa

My new chair lets me sit up with the guys, but I'm not allowed to drink beer...yet! Posted by Picasa

Dad and Uncle Chris got to go to the Texans game today, but took a minute to pose for a picture with me in my cool jersey. I sure wish I could go to the game! They tell me in a few years.  Posted by Picasa

Hanging out with mom while Dad and Chris are at the game.  Posted by Picasa

Uncle Chris holding Keegan for the first time to celebrate Keegan's 12 week birthday. These boys are going to be best buddies.  Posted by Picasa

On Friday, I got to have my long awaited Ladies Day with Ruthie. We had massages, lunch, and split a bottle of wine (heaven), while Angus experienced being a stay at home dad. Angus did a great job. Keegan arrived unscathed at Ruthie's later that day to pick up mom, just in time for her to feed him a bottle. Sweet. Posted by Picasa

Angus and Keegan rooting for the Astros. This night, the Astros won their ninth straight win, keeping us all in suspense whether they would pull off the win to go to the Series. We all know the end fate - no Series this year. Oh well, maybe next year... Posted by Picasa

Look at these two handsome fellows.  Posted by Picasa

Dad and me hanging out on my 11 week birthday. Just chillin'.  Posted by Picasa