Saturday, March 07, 2009

Dada took me to the Beach a couple of weeks ago to check up on the state of things after Ike. Dada was surprised that I remembered my way to the beach. I started requesting the Green Ferry about 60 miles before the ferry landing. Dada was happy to get on any ferry, as the wait was exceptionally long. He was thankful for having Wonder Pets on his Iphone. I was very impressed with Ga and Papa's new deck and stairs. Twice the amount of play space than I had before. Thanks guys. I love my new deck and look forward to playing on it again.
I took time out from playing to have a picture taken with Papa. Notice how much closer their house is to the beach. Nice view guys!
I has very concerned about going for a Jeep ride on the beach until I found out John's son Patrick is a Galveston Fireman and he was on duty at Crystal Beach. Once I heard there was a possibility I could get a chance to get on a fire truck, I no longer cared about the Jeep ride. Dada quickly got me to see Patrick and I got to climb in and explore all of the fire trucks. Thanks Patrick your trucks are awesome!!!

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

It's rodeo time in Houston. You can feel it in the air!Howdy y'all! Today we had western day at school, complete with western wear pictures. Mama heard that I actually smiled this time for the picture, which was shocking since last time I wouldn't even stand to have my picture taken!
Mama and dada are hosting a baby shower for their good friends Ruthie and Scott soon, so mama and I tried out a recipe for the desserts. I was a big help, pouring salt and pepper into the muffin tins. I eventually got bored with dessert making, and moved on to chocolate milk making. Why bother putting the syrup in the glass when I can just squirt it in my mouth? I also had a blast blowing chocolate milk bubbles. Cooking is great.

Happy belated Valentines Day. Mama and I made a Valentines Box so that all my friends at school could send me cards and candy. Mama spent a bunch of time covering the cereal box with white paper so that I had a blank canvas, but then forgot to tell me that I wasn't supposed to "unwrap" the box before I decorated it. We taped it back together and all was well, except that I kept eating the candy decorations off of it.