Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Who knew that the first bath could be such a production?
Look how tiny Gummy looks in the bath!
All clean! After a bath, Gummy's hair sticks straight up and his name somehow fits him even better.
Gummy gets pretty jazzed up after his bath and moves around a lot.
Looking very distinguished.
Here's a picture of me in the same outfit that Gummy is wearing! See, there is a resemblance (in the nose for sure), but we definitely look different too.
And after all that moving, Gummy gets very, very sleepy.
When I was patting Gummy's head, I said " Gummy, you don’t have to worry about a thing. I’m always right here. You have a big brother that’s brave." Mama's heart melted.
Time to go home little guy!
After 2 short but sweet days in the hospital, it was time to bring Gummy home. Mama was so happy that this time dada was able to bring Gummy home. With me, Ga had to drive dada's truck to bring me home because dada was sick. Mama was sure thankful for Ga, but it was nice to have dada healthy this time!
I made Gummy a welcome home sign - I even used his real name!
Can you believe how happy I am to have my little brother at home finally? (ok, I was really glad to have mama home too!)
Ga got in some more time with Finn, and I played on the Ipad.
After nine months of anticipation, worry, heartache, joy and, well, stress, and after 2 and a half months without these (or any other sugary foods, including the pregnancy staple, ice cream)
and 2 months of testing blood glucose levels....
GUMMY SHARK IS FINALLY HERE! He arrived on Friday morning, August 6, at 8:10 am after 5 hours of labor. His official name is Finnegan Roscoe Pollard, but his full "Pollard" name is Finnegan Roscoe Gummy Shark Pollard. I am Keegan Alexander Irish Prince Pollard. Dada is Angus Alexander Ogilvey McTavish Pollard.
Gummy looked a little like me when he was born, but he also looks quite a bit different -- most notably is his full head of brown hair (like mama when she was born), but it's in the same shape as dada's hairline. Mama was both happy and sad that Gummy doesn't have my swirl of hair.
Crazy feet! Look how far he spreads out his big toe from the rest of them!
Dada and his new little man, who came dangerously close to being named Finnegan Dodge Pollard because he was almost born in dada's truck. Good news is that so far, Dada has eluded any illnesses that he suffered when I was born.
I came up to the hospital to meet Gummy (yes, I am still calling him Gummy and not showing any signs that I plan to call him Finn anytime soon) on Friday after swimming lessons. I love him!
I wanted to hug and kiss him, and needed to be reminded a lot to be gentle.
I even got to hold Gummy. He was a little nervous, but all went well.
I left the hospital so that everyone could get some sleep.
Later that afternoon, I brought Ga and Papa to the hospital so they could meet Gummy.
Ga is in heaven, holding her new baby grandson.
Delicious cookie bouquet from mama's work, and mama got her first blue boxes! A beautiful set of earrings and a necklace from dada for a push present. Dada just bought it the day before - right on time!
I came back to the hospital on Saturday to hang out with Gummy some more. I am still working on "gentle."
Tons of kisses for my new little brother.