Saturday, June 21, 2008

For Father's DayI got Dada new boat. I just felt like the other boat was not serving his needs the way I thought it should. I have been listening to Dada's fishing stories, going to several boat shows and countless trips to the boat dealers with Dada every Friday for just about two years, and I feel like this is the right boat for him. So I had a long talk with Mama, and I ordered the boat for him about 6 weeks ago. I have been paying very close attention to the construction, as this is a custum boat built just for Dada. Well here it is, it is a 19' Cat by Shoalwater Boats. It should float in 4-6 inches of water and run much faster than his old one. He should be able to burn the flats ( not doing any damage to the marsh grasses) while looking for the Redfish.

On Father's Day, Dada, PaPa and Luke's dad (Mr. Matt) drove down to Port O'Connor to pick up his new boat. I even woke up at 5:00AM to see them off (Mama was really happy with that one!). While they were down there, they decided to go ahead and do a little fishing.

Mr. Byman was very excited about the new boat! He even caught the first keeper! Although Dada had already gotten the new boat slimmed up with 3 fish before Mr. Byman or Papa caught any.

Papa had a great time! On the way back to the boat ramp he pointed out a school of feeding Jack Fish to Dada and Mr. Byman. Papa insisted they stop the boat so he could take another crack at his "White Whale". You will have to buy Papa a cold one someday so he can tell you the stories. Well they chased Papa's fish for 15 minutes before the fight was lost. Oh well, we will see that "White Whale" again, and Papa will beat him for sure!

High-Five Dada!! I love going on rides on your new boat!

I was so excited about new BIG/FAST Boats, called up Luke and had him go to the Summer Boat Show with me. We must have driven 100 boats today! Too bad Dada and Mr. Byman were tired and we had to go home. Here is a good picture of Luke and me show other customers some of the highlights of the Key West Stealth boat.