Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Celtic Festival in Lake Charles, Louisiana
A couple weekends ago (yea, we know, we know), mama, dada and I went to the Celtic Festival. It used to be held in New Orleans, but after Katrina, they decided to make a go of it in Lake Charles. When we got to the Festival, I had quite a thirst from the long truck ride.
Mmm, Guinness gives me strength.
Papa stopped to say hello on one of his many treks to keep the entertainment nourished (ie bring them beer).
After a little snoozer at the hotel, we went back to the festival and watched the sun set over Lake Charles. It was actually pretty nice. Lovely view of the casinos across the lake.
I got in some cuddle time with Ga....
while 'da men watched an Irish performer.
We were all pooped when we got back to Katy Sunday night. I know this isn't a good picture, but mama laughed out loud when she came upstairs and found me and dada watching tv, with half the tv on The Best of Elmo (you can see Elmo on the left side of the screen), and the other on the Sunday night football game. Dada says this parenting thing is a snap!

Yo, Mario Williams from the Texans was supposed to sign autographs at the HEB. Dada and Ga took me, but Mario had to cancel. Bummer. Go Texans!