Saturday, March 08, 2008

Weekend visit with Grandpa and Meemaw from Chicago.
Last weekend the G-parents visited from Chicago - we had a blast as usual. On Friday, dada and Gpa went to the beach early to fish. The rest of the family met them there for lunch at Stingaree - mama can't get enough of the Oysters Jubilee platter. Before they packed in the boat, I got to go on my maiden voyage in the Intercoastal Canal. I had such a good time that now mama and dada can't walk past the boat in the garage without me begging to go in it. I love the boat and am constantly on the look out for other "fishy boats." I named Grandma Meemaw this weekend. Now she's a true "Texas" grandparent.
On Saturday, mama and dada had a small crawfish boil because Grandpa loves to eat the mud bugs. I don't see what the big deal is...
As usual, mama bought to many crawfish, so we called Justin in to help finish them up. Who knew such a skinny guy could eat so much?
I am mastering my arm - in hopes that I have a future in baseball or football. One thing's for sure, I'm all boy.
Ruthie, an inner-looper, made the long trek to Katy to see me and my grandparents. It was so great to see her!
Chillin' with mama.
Meemaw took me on such a long wagon ride, everyone wondered where we went off to - the park, sillies~
After I went down for a nap, the adults went to the Family Man room for a little Guitar Hero. It was Ruthie's first time, but she was obviously having a good time! On Sunday, the family left me with my buddy Cindy so that they could go out for sushi.
I'd rather stack blocks anyway!
Mama got a picture of my buddy in New York, Reese Caroline Williams, daughter of law school lady, Julia, and Carl Williams. She's three weeks, born on Valentine's Day. Aawwww, such a cutie!