Saturday, December 22, 2007

Going to the Byman's for Christmas. I love the holidays, because it means getting together with friends. The Bymans have their tree unguarded - our tree is behind a coffee table. So, I was a little grabby for the ornaments. To distract me, Mr. Matt hooked up the train.
How cool is that? Luke drives the train, but doesn't ever try to grab for it. I think my parents are going to work on my baby skills in that department (and throwing things over the baby gate and down the stairs - I think they are serious this time!).
The Byman's house is fun!
Eventually we made our way upstairs, so that even I couldn't really get into anything I wasn't supposed to (minus the droppin things over the baby gate, see above). Luke has an even better "family man" room than I do. And his bedroom has cool toys too. Luke even let me borrow some toys. He rocks.
From left to right: Luke, Allison, baby Byman boy #2, Keegan. Ms. Al, you look awesome. We are so excited to watch your family grow!

Our families went to a local burger joint for dinner, complete with an outdoor playground. Ironically, it was the coldest it's been in Texas this winter, and the wind was whipping. After dinner, we packed up, headed back to Katy, where I slept like a champ, as usual. Christmas is right around the corner!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Doctors, blagh!
I've had enough of doctors for awhile, thank you very much. Last Wednesday, I got a fever, which broke on Thursday morning, but left me all out of sorts, including having a rash all over my legs and sores in my mouth and throat. Dr. Gordon sent me home with instructions to switch out Ibuprofen and Tylenol every four hours. By Saturday, I was feeling much better. I even went to Little Gym, having been temperature free for over 48 hours. Mama and I came home, ate some breakfast, and just before I was to go upstairs for my nap...BAM...

I crashed into the dining room table. Kabam! Mama and I spent the next three hours in Urgent Care, where they dermabonded my eye back together. The only really horrible part was when they wrapped me up like a mummy so that I would let the doctor clean it out and put the dermabond on. Other than that, no biggie, and I got my first sucker out of it. Overall, though, I'd give up the sucker for no more doctors for awhile!

Now I'm helping Ga and Mama recover from my virus. Everyone's just glad they are getting the sick thing out of their systems before Xmas. Ho ho ho is coming to town soon!