Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Guess what I did today?!?!I made poopoo in the potty! Ga's been training me for a few weeks on my brand new talking toilet, but I just didn't have the patience to sit for very long. Today she kept me sitting long enough for it to happen by having me put lotion on each of my toes. Mama and dada found out the good news when Ga emailed them a picture of my poopy. Gross. I'm just glad mama didn't find that picture blogworthy. This potty thing isn't official though, because I took four more poops throughout the day, and none of them on the potty. Well, you've gotta start somewhere!
A few more pics from Ga's camera... On the ferry on the way over to Crystal Beach.
Breakin' the rules with Ga.

Meemaw wasn't sure she wanted me to go on the boat.
Coming back from my first boat ride in dada's boat.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Dad and I got bored on Sunday afternoon so we decided to go to Gander Mountain on 290.
It was much better than the one in Sugar Land. The store was loaded with all of these great animals.
The Monkey was my personal favorite. I was yelling MONKEY all though the store. I made sure everyone at Gander Mountain knew what the monkey says - Uh-Uh-Ei-Ei!!!

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Twenty months...
On Friday, I turned twenty months. Where has the time gone? Somehow, I've transformed from a baby to a little man. I hear all my friends are becoming "big boys", so I guess I decided it was time to pony up too, minus the siblings they are all getting (not yet, says mama). I am getting very daring as I come of age, performing such stunts such as forward rolls out my playhouse window and jumping off the couch onto the piles of cusions I threw off (while mama crosses her fingers that I don't break my neck, oh how my poor mama stresses). I am a pretty good eater, and still prefer fruits (especially burries, aka berries, and or-eenge, aka orange) and veggies (skash, aka squash, tomatoes), but will tear up a turkey dog or fish sticks if you give them to me, not to mention CHEESE! I repeat what I hear, so beware what you say. I say all kinds of words, too many to count, but I really am into "sneakers" right now. Just saying that word makes me laugh. I give wet, snotty kisses if you ask, and hugs where I smash my head into yours. I now demand lemons in my water, which makes it juice. As per the previous post, my favorite thing is the boat, and I am the captain, ahoy!

I'll drink to that!
Ok people, I'm serious, it's like right around the corner!
Gumbo night We're still not sure how it happened, but for some reason Justin and Randy got together to make duck gumbo, and mama, dada and Ga were the proud recipients. It was really delicious, or so I hear. I went to bed before it was served.
Serious gumbo, folks.

Justin came early to hang out with me.