Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Anyone else getting excited for St. Patty's Day?
Oooohhh, I'm a sucker for books. I even love the ones mama finds at Walgreens.
Kinky for President...
Papa came out this weekend to help campaign for Kinky. First things first, Kinky, you have to win Governor, and he says he is going to try again to beat that weasel Perry. Kinky held a rally at the local cigar shop. He has a new line of cigars - the Governor, the Willi, the Kinkycristo and the Texas Jewboy (which mama feels a little funny typing out). Papa got a signed poster of Kinky presenting the Willi to Willi. Papa did not smoke one of the Willis, obviously. Papa loves a good fire, so we made one on Thursday and Friday nights. It was awesome, and I was very good on Friday about not going past the tile line so that my little fingers didn't get burned! I was not so good on Thursday, so mama and I had to go upstairs to watch from far away.

Papa and I wore our Irish caps and did a little jig. I sure love my papa!