Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Painting the beach houseThis weekend we went down the beach house to help Ga and Papa paint. Mama did the bedroom. Note the lovely tan lines - the purple stripe from the MS150 ride burn that's now peeling combined with the pink on top of her leg. That's good stuff, mama.
Papa painted the living room. Everyone loves this color.
My cousin Bill came down from Vermont to help too. We think we might be able to convince him to stay!
I even got my little hands in the paint and wasn't too happy when mama made me wash it off.

I also climbed the ladder, but Papa and mama showed me how the sign on the ladder warns against standing on the top rung. I was very careful to not stand on the very top.

Happy Birthday Marianne!!!
Today is my cousin Marianne's birthday - she's 12. I called her and talked to her on the phone and said "wagon" and "car" because I don't know "happy birthday" yet. Mama tried, but we couldn't get it hammered out on time. (In other news, I'm now telling mama "I love you" when she puts me to bed, which gets tears from mama every night)
Ga went up to visit the gang a couple weeks ago and celebrated the April and May birthdays.
Marianne and Brenden got new bicycles for their birthdays and Ga took a spin. Mama couldn't resist posting this picture. I guess Ga had a good time up there.
My cousin Brenden is a nut. If he was here, I would call him "a nut".