Sunday, June 18, 2006

Worn out after all the present opening and festivities. Everyone has been so kind and generous. It's great to bring a child into the world when you have so many great friends and support! Posted by Picasa

Wondering how a kid that will fit in this outfit can possibly be inside me? Kianoush gave our son some beautiful little outfits - I will definitely have a well dressed kid! Posted by Picasa

Pector running the games - fun stuff: baby bingo and a quiz to see who knew me the best. The MS150 question was the stumper, and that Angus is Irish, not Scottish. "Uncle" Chris from Orange even made an appearance on the quiz!  Posted by Picasa

I got more pictures from my Baker shower - thanks Michelle! Here are Valerie and Becca hamming it up while Mandy plays the "what baby food is it" game. Glad I didn't have to taste those foods! Posted by Picasa

The law school ladies (Barry, Allison, Stacy and Kelly) hosted a great shower at Allison's house in Pearland! It was so much fun. Interesting to see where we all are 6 years after starting law school together. Great that we've stayed such good friends. I really look forward to many years of friendship with these ladies.  Posted by Picasa

Moms at the baby shower. It makes me so happy to see them so happy! Posted by Picasa

My very special friend Ruthie with me at the shower. Ruth and I went to college together and were reunited when we both unexpectedly ended up living in Houston - who would have thought that would happen??? Ruthie gave me a great gift - a girl's day out complete with a massage and pasta dinner at Ruth's, not to mention a good Italian wine! I can't wait to let Angus have some daddy time with our son so I can go to hang out with Ruth!  Posted by Picasa

I hosted a baby shower for Janet, daughter of our very dear friends Lori and John. It was fun to host and prepare for the arrial of Janet's second son, Liam. She is due in early September. Our sons will surely be great beach buddies! Posted by Picasa

Janet and her son Logan. Logan will be about the age my brother Billy was when I was born. I'm sure Logan will be as good of an older brother as Billy was to me! Posted by Picasa

Look at those eyes! Posted by Picasa

Liam's first birthday party. Liam is the first son of Tess (in the blue shirt - my good friend from law school) and Christian (in green hat); they are expecting baby boy #2 in October. Liam is so cute. We can expect big things from him.  Posted by Picasa