Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Finnegan Roscoe, version .75
Yep, I'm officially almost 10 months old, but this picture was taken a few weeks ago. I am wearing two different socks because I like to pull off my socks right after they are put on, so the adults put on any old sock when my toes get cold. At my 9 month appointment, I weighed 18 lbs, 3oz (11%), am 28.5 inches (54%) and my noggin is 17.25 (10%). Everyone was sure that I weighed more, but now that I'm crawling like lightening, the doctor says that I will be lean until my appetite catches up (for those keeping track, Keegan was 17lbs, 15 oz, 28.5 inches, and his head was 18 inches). I crawl so fast it's hard for everyone to keep up with me. On Easter Sunday, mama and dada moved me up to my own room (and wondered why they didn't do that sooner). I am still not a very good sleeper - I definitely try to get in the mama time I miss during the day at night (like 3-4 times a night). Mama knows that someday she will miss this time, so she tries to soak it up while buying stock in coffee. I am a pretty good eater, and have a definite opinion about what you feed me. If I don't want it (salmon, asparagus, sweet potato) I push it right off my tray (I am starting to figure out Mac eats it then, which makes me giggle). I love, love, love blueberries, pears and veggie puffs. I had 2 bottom teeth forever, and then all of a sudden I got 2 top teeth, followed by 2 more bottom teeth in a week. That was not a fun week for anyone, but we think things are getting better (although 2 more top teeth are starting to poke out some). I like to wave bye-bye, and Ga is working on high fives with me. Me and my brother are starting to hang out a little bit, when Keegan is feeling patient. Guess that's all for now.