Monday, July 13, 2009

Guess who's back?  Yep, those crazy cousins of mine, Brenden and Marianne.  
Aunt Bridey brought me a whole bunch of new used books, which is awesome.  Mama is thankful to have new reading material. 
Marianne read me a book about helicopters. 
Brenden and I played with the new castle block set that my Grandpa in Chicago sent me.  It was all good until I started running off with the pieces.  Brenden was not very amused, at all. 
Dada is still in Birmingham, we miss him a lot, so we all took turns talking to him on the phone up in the pirate ship.  
Enjoying ice cream on the patio at night.  These are good times. 
Happy 3rd birthday Luke!
My best buddy Luke turned 3 on Saturday, so he got to have his birthday party on the day of his birthday.  By the way, it seems like forever until my party, which is this Saturday.  I can hardly wait.  Luke's party was a circus theme.  I loved the duck game.  
Luke's mama made delicious cupcakes.  
After the rest of the kids went home, Jackson and I got to stay and play in Luke's pool. 
Jackson got some sweet air jumping in the pool.  He will be four in October.  I hope I can jump as high as him when I'm his age!
Luke's mimi is about as nuts as my Ga.  
Luke got some very cool loot.  He was very patient waiting for his gifts, or at least it seemed to the rest of us.  Mama's worried I won't be nearly as patient.  
My nanny (aka Ga) is better than your nanny.  Look at what she has waiting for mama when she gets home from work - peach fuzz!

I am loving hanging out in the backyard, even if it's 111199999 degrees out.  
I really like "mowing" the grass with my new bubble lawn mower.  Look at that crazy garden!
Quick break.
Look at mama's cabernet grape plant that Ga got her.  Who knew we could grow grapes in Texas.  Just don't eat them.  They are, as I say, nasty. 
Update on the scar...looking extra red after an hour of running around in this heat.