Friday, March 02, 2012

Mama had a partner dinner, so dada took me and Keegs to the beach on Thursday for Mardi Gras weekend. I am loving the red wagon these days.

We picked out our hats.
What a tail!
Meanwhile, Keegan was hanging out with a turtle that came up from the slew.
The weather on Saturday was foul. It rained all morning and we were pretty stir crazy. Finally, it was time for the parade.
Dada sandwich!
Keegan decided to wear the "dragon" hat after all.
And Ga's special glasses!
I wore the court jester hat. I had quite an outfit on.
The parade!
Super cool floats, every year!
Wow! Look at these beads I got. Special ones with a movable bird!
Putting my loot in the wagon. Except for the bunny rabbit stuffed animal I got. It's staying with me.
Keegan's wearing a Bonnie "Holland" sweatshirt. That's where he'll go to Kindergarten next year, while I'll be starting Second Baptist on Mondays and Tuesdays.
The boys watching the fire engine come by.
The Mardi Gras parade at Crystal Beach never disappoints!
On Sunday, Keegan sorted through the loot and picked out beads to bring to each student in his class.
Paw paw took me for my first ride on the mower. I was not a fan, where Keegan would have ridden all day. Maybe in the summer...
I much prefer to try to crawl into Ga's garden.
Ga and Papa's yard is looking great! And you should taste the asparagus and definitely the horse radish!
Taking a rare break, to chill on the golf cart.
Keegan bringing me bunny rabbit for the ride back to Katy, and dada in the background getting Mac loaded in the van. Heading home! Can't wait for Mardi Gras next year!
Standing at attention at my red belt testing!
Crescent kicks, knife hands, and reciting that when I get mad (like at my little brother) I'll count to ten.
Red is so much more my color than brown.
Proud Dad.
When we were in Florida,
Bear was lost. We think he went out with the sheets for laundry and just didn't come back. Mama said that someone else must have really needed Bear, but I still miss him. Santa left me a "lamb-y", which I like, but it's not the same. Poor Bear.
Happy Valentine's Day! Ga made a delicious red velvet cake from scratch, buttermilk and all! She'll do anything for us grandbabies.
I am six days short of my 19 month birthday. And I am all words. All of a sudden, I started saying words, my own version of a lot at least. My favorite words from the start were "bye" (bah), and definitely "hot". Everything was "hot", but I recently learned "cool." I've always been a fan of "ice", and can now beg for it from Ga, if I'm good I'll add "peees", and I steal ice from dadeee - I love to eat ice. I ask for help from "Maaaam" (mom), and chase after "Maaaac". I ask for "mo-ah", especially "cannee" (candy), I say "ball, shoe, ock (sock), GO, beeby (baby), nana, baaa (bath), book, car, cat, cookie, eye, nose, hat, jooooose (juice), and milk." I do not say "yes" or "thank you". When Keegan has something that I want, I yell, what sounds like "ICE SHOE" "ICE SHOE"!!! No one knows what I'm saying: "I do I do" maybe?
My brother and I have moments of pure sweetness, and times where we make each other crazy.
I like to color sometimes. Keegan didn't until he was much older, but I watch Keegan coloring Ninjago coloring pages all the time, so I give it a go too. We like playing with our Byman Christmas gift - tub 'o crafts!
Wouldn't you figure the ice cream man would come while I was napping! Keegan gets all the treats!
Just kidding, don't be fooled, mama hooks me up with treats too, like drinking my milk out of a bowl of cereal. "Messy", that's another one of my words. I love to get messy. I'm a much pickier eater than Keegan. I may like it today, and push it away tomorrow.
I clean up pretty good.
Happy 18 month birthday to me!
There's a rumor that Keegan got a cake every month, but Ga's got her hands full with me. I keep her on her toes!
Failed attempt at a family photo.
Ba-loon. One of my new words.
Cake! Sprinkle cake with sprinkle frosting.
Oh yeaaaa.
Weekend adventures. Here, hangin out with Dad (Keegan) / Dadeee (Finnegan), at BWW, on a Friday while mama works.
On Sunday, we went to a Superbowl party. Mama made her salty chocolate brownies, so we got out of the house for a bit. Dad took us to Bass Pro to see the giant fishtank.
We have the best adventures with Dadeeee. "sheees" is fish.
Reaping the goods when we returned from shopping.
Nothin better than licking the spoons!