Saturday, January 08, 2011

The stockings were hung by the chimney with care, in hopes that the Elf wouldn't fall out of there...
Me and my brother in our matching jammies were about to settle in for a longish winter nap.
Except Finn wouldn't stop trying to suck his sock off...
But after we were nestled in our beds, SANTA came down the chimney and left his footprints! And mama didn't even get mad at him!
And he left me this note!
Maybe mama saw him while she was up late peeling ten pounds of potatoes for Sauerbraten?
On Christmas Eve, Ga and Papa said that I could open my gift from them, since it was 65 degrees and sunny. I walked outside and saw this HUGE present!
It was a bike! In my favorite color, green!
All decked out and ready to go. Even Santa looks happy.
No one was sure how I'd do, since I've never been good at peddling. I have a big wheel, but I prefer to push it rather than peddle. Turned out I was quite good at peddling and love to ride my bike all over now.
Dada went for a spin too. He might ride this one at the next MS150.
Hanging at the beach, both of us in the pack and play. Seriously.
Mama got a gingerbread house for her and I to make while Finn was napping.
It was lots of fun, no doubt because I snuck a whole mess of candy in the building process.
Like this!
Best part was that we were at the beach, so after I got all riled up on candy, mama sent me out with Papa to run my energy out. Papa had me plant onions in the garden - it will be interesting to see how they do.
Rice cereal was such a hit, Ga whipped me up some sweet potatoes. We all had a laugh at that, since Keegan thought I was eating mama's "sweet potatoes" from day one!
When I told mama that we were going to be in a Christmas play, she asked me what part I was going to play. The first night, I told her I was going to play "baby Cheesus." The second night I told her I was going to be God. The third night I said a wiseman. I was actually a shepherd.
Second Baptist does it right, with the HD TV screen and all. Can you find me?
Last year I was getting sick and was too hot in my lamb outfit, so I cried my eyes out and had snot running down my face on TV. This year I was surprisingly still, but we are going to work on getting me to sing a little next year, because I didn't sing a word. This picture makes me look like I'm singing, but I wasn't. I only like to sing Bob Marley.
This is my class, except for those creepy snowmen in the back.
We all think Finn might be getting some teeth soon, because he sure does like to chew on everything. I try to be nice sometimes and pull the toys down so that he can gnaw on them.
The Pollard boys, Mac included.
We don't know why she insists on going to work because she's really just the happiest when she's home with us in her lap.
What? Did I hear you right? You are going to give me brown rice cereal to eat, even though I'm not six months yet? Dr. Gordon said it was ok? Because I refuse to take any bottles (or at least any of the 7 different brands you tried) and everyone is scared that I'm going to waste away to nothing? Well, ok, not nothing (I know, my cheeks!), but you all want me to eat during the day while mama is at work, and the eye dropper that Ga is patiently feeding me mama's milk with just isn't cutting it? Are you sure?
OK, here we go...
Yum! Yes! Now we're talking!
I've been very into picking out my own outfits lately, which is not always good because sometimes I decide to wear my favorite soccer jersey, shorts and crocs, when it's 40 degrees out. Then I hear, try again Keegan.
The quest for a Christmas card picture
Mama thought it was hard to get a good picture of just me for the Christmas card in the past, and it was no surprise that it was trickier to get good ones of the two of us.
She bought us dorky matching pajamas, but we both have to admit that they are super comfy.
I was surprisingly good for the pictures, and really loved on my brother. What a ham!
OK, maybe Finn wasn't so impressed but mama and dada were proud of me.
No doubt we'll be good buds, sometimes.
Well, the lady at the Christmas tree store wasn't the best with a camera...but you get the picture.
I love the exersaucer, just as much as Keegan does.
Difference is, I don't poop every time I get in it!
We spent Thanksgiving at the beach, and had a relaxing weekend hanging with friends and family. Mama went back to work the Monday before Thanksgiving, and that is why there have not been any posts since before Thanksgiving. Oops.
Our friends Page and Parker were done borrowing our Bumbo chair, and moving it between four different houses, so they sent it back to us. So glad we got extra mileage out of the chair. I don't really love it, but I'll hang there for a bit.
I am a seriously drooly guy.
Keegan was all about being rocket man over the weekend, and asked to have the stomp rockets taped to him every morning when he woke up.
I got some quality time with Papa. He and I are buds. He even knows that I prefer to stand, all the time.
At my school's Thanksgiving party, we had to go on stage and say into a microphone what we are thankful for. I said I was thankful for my school. I got a big hug from the lady in green, who happens to be the principal. I know how to work it!
We had to dress like Indians and make vests at home from paper bags. Mama and I went to the store to get an assortment of paints and stickers, and this is what we came up with -- sea on bottom and space on top. I'm pretty sure I had the coolest vest of all the kids.
Finn came to the party, but he wasn't very impressed.