Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Merry Christmas party at His Kids school program
Yesterday I had my first full fledged party at school. It was great to see mama, dada, and Ga all together in the middle of the day! When they walked in the room, I quickly "left my tape" spot and ran over to them.
This is perhaps the only moment all the kids stood still before mayhem broke loose. With the exception of the girl in pink pants, we were all, all over the place. Me especially, no surprise.
We got presents after performing.
I got my first Veggie Tales book!

And then we all sang happy birthday to Jesus, ate cake, and went home to take naps. What a wonderful world!
Sickie, sick. I do love school, but since I've started going, I've been, you know it, sick, sick, sick. Seems like every Monday I get a new bug. This weekend I was, yep, sick, and mama and I stayed in jammies and watched LOTS of Wonder Pets and ate chicken noodle soup. We are conserving energy for our trip to Minnesota for Christmas.