Friday, November 26, 2010

Another family homework project
I am working on recognizing numbers 1 to 20. To help, mama wrote out the numbers on post it notes and scrambles them up. Then I take the numbers and
arrange them on the door in order.
Bubble baths make
good Santa beards...ho ho ho!
Cheeks! 'Nuff said.
I am anxious for my brother to start playing with me, so I decided to show Finn my Transformers to see if I could spark some interest.
He seemed to like them pretty well. Hopefully it won't be too long before he plays with me.
This is a hand-me-down shirt, you might have seen it before on my big brother Keegan?
I get a kick out of myself sometimes...
Here is Keegan in the shirt, and a reminder that we do in fact look a lot different! I keep hearing how much we look a like these days.
This is the result of my second allergy test. Mama wanted to see if I was still allergic to peanuts, shrimp, eggs, cats and mold. Well, I'm clear on cats and eggs, which is good news. I don't show a reaction to shrimp, but I also didn't last time -- the doctor says that lots of people don't show a reaction to shrimp that are actually allergic to shrimp - apparently the test is not very effective. So, long story short, I'm still off the shrimp. The multitude of bumps at the top of my back are from the trees and mold - this is why I have such bad excema in the spring. And the big lump on the bottom right side of my back is peanuts. I am still VERY allergic to peanuts. In fact, the doctor came back in and wiped off the peanuts from my back after just a few minutes, saying that it was obvious that I was allergic, no need to wait to see how much and risk a shock.
My good buddy Kamryn came over for a visit. I was sweet and pushed her on the swing.
Katie got some baby-squeezin in on Finn. Finn loved it!
In school I learned how to spot the words "the", "and" and "see". One of my homework projects is to take any reading material and circle those words. Mama was a little surprised to find me one morning with her book - the fourth in the True Blood series. Not really the best for a four year old, but really, I didn't know the difference. I did ask her if she was reading a Halloween book.
Carefully searching for words.
See! See!
Growing bigger every day --
Hard to believe this was just 15 weeks ago!
I love love love my dada - I give him the biggest smiles.
And I am drooling so much now.
Veggies are back! The farm took a break while they planted their fall harvest, but last week we got our first delivery -- sweet potatoes, eggplant, squash, peppers, radishes, kale and napa cabbage.