Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Mac wants to go to Chicago with me and mama to visit Grandma and Grandpa (and to chase Stewey and Charm, Grandma's cats). Dada is going to keep him here to keep him company. See you Chi-town!
How much does mama love dada? Let me count the seeds...

Ever since dada came down with diverticulitus after I was born, he can't eat seeds. Mama got busy during my nap on Sunday and peeled and seeded 7 cups of tomatoes to freeze for winter soups. Yum.
Hey there Uncle Billy, Aunt Kristen, Jamie and Katie! Go Gophers!
Happy 1st birthday Luke!Luke's mama did a great job on his Elmo cake. He was very cool, and mama said he was tasty.
Luke even got to blow out his candle. Mama and dada didn't light mine.

A little something for your senior yearbook, boys. They'll say they were wrestling...
And the winner of the prize for the biggest cucumber is...GA!
Me? I'm still grooving on tomatoes.
And the gifts keep coming...
I'm getting the hang of opening gifts.
My friend Anna Rose gave me this super cool Funtime Tractor.

Thank you Anna Rose. I love to play with the cow, pig, sheep and chicken, and I really love to chew on them! Thank you also to Ruthie for my super cool onesie - it has a farm theme too. Just call me Farmer Keegan.