Saturday, January 13, 2007

Tonight Liam, Janet and Logan came over to play. Dad went out with the boys go-cart racing. Logan watched Cars and I got to play with Liam while Ma and Janet drank wine and ate pizza. It was a good night for all! You can tell from this picture that I clearly enjoyed myself.

Liam had fun playing with my toys. He even got to play in my "pooper" saucer for a bit. It works like magic, even for Liam.

I showed Liam how to make one of my favorite toys buzz, play music and light up, all at the same time. He promised to let me come over and play with his toys soon. Better yet, we're going to his Grandma Lori's beach house this summer to play in the sand!
Keegan's First Piano Concerto

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Happy 6 month birthday Keegan! This has been the longest and shortest six months in Mommy and Daddy's life. We are so excited for the next six months...years...oh what we have to look forward to!
Sorry to single white female your idea Janet, but I couldn't resist!

Just short of six months of life, and after several weeks of me intensely scrutinizing people eating, Ma finally gave in and fed me organic brown rice cereal. It was not nearly as good as the pizza looked, but I was still curious. I opened my mouth just like I was supposed to, and spat most of it out, just like Ma heard I would. We'll keep working on this eating thing. That being said, how cool is my sushi bib from Aunt Sandy? It is reason alone to eat!

Not so sure about this. I like my blue spoon, but the stuff on it feels funny in my mouth.

All done! Well, Ma figures I'm eating about 2 teaspoons of food at this point, but it's better than straight formula. After my six month well baby doctor's appointment, Grandma is going to start giving me veggies. Good stuff.

What's Daddy helping me drink???

Busted! It's Guinness. I slept really well this night...

You're never too young for a Guinness mustache!

Momma and Daddy's friend Laura stopped in for a visit on Sunday - she was a good friend of theirs in Beaumont, but moved to Kentucky shortly after they moved to Houston. She was in Texas at a wedding in San Antonio, and drove all the way to Katy to meet ME. I was very happy to hang out with this pretty lady.

Laura helped me to do my most favorite thing, stand up.

Although I won't sit for long, I will sit for a few minutes to play with some of the cool new toys I got for Christmas. After I few minutes, I arch my back and fall backward. Mom sits behind me to make sure I don't bonk my head. Laura nicknamed me "Archie" because I arch my back a lot - standing is much better than sitting. Once I have my balance down out!