Sunday, January 15, 2012

Dada flew in grandma and grandpa for mama's surprise partner party. Keegan and I were super glad that we got to hang out with them -- we even got to see them on Friday and Keegan kept that surprise from mama!
Grandma was very impressed that I am good with eating with a fork. She made me french toast and I gobbled it up.
I think the french toast helped me to keep healing up from this nasty bout of hand, foot and mouth disease. It's been horrible, and was responsible for my first trip to the ER. Thankfully I'm on the mend. Now we just need all the nasty sores to clear up.
Look! Santa came! He left his boot prints at the beach and Ga didn't even get mad.
This was the Christmas of Ninjago. I think almost everything I got was Ninjago. I was excited to get lots of new ninja books too, including "chapter" books that don't even have pictures.
Kai is my favorite ninja, so I love my new Kai shirt.
We were all sick for Christmas, every last one of us. Finn especially. He felt super rotten. He tried to rally to open his gifts, but he wore out about half way through.
All these toys, and I just want to sit here.
It helped that Ga gave us so much loving.
2011 was the year of sick-o Christmas. We did have fun too, but we all hope next year is more, well, ...well.
Christmas tree 2011
While we were in Florida, we had a photographer come out to the resort to take some family pictures.
We did some of our little family too.
The Hochmuth clan.
How gorgeous are these girls? It's hard for mama to believe they have grown up so much.
Happy 50th Anniversary Grandma and Grandpa!