Monday, June 15, 2009

In April, we got a new addition to our house, a patio (aka Beer Garden).  Mama and dada hired Mr. McCarty, my buddies Jackson and Hudson's dad.  He has his own company - Jack Hudson, named after my buddies.  How cool is that?  We had a bunch of workers at our house to add a covered patio.  We'll post finished pics soon -- we are all so happy with the final product!
Then, Papa came in to work his magic. I helped Papa some, but he was the true mason. 
Papa toiled away for a long, long time.  
And now we have a beautiful patio to hang out on, and a piece of Papa's art.  Thanks Papa!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

This weekend, mama's best friends Dawn and Jen travelled all the way from West Palm Beach, Florida and Seattle, Washington to hang out with ME, and mama and dada too. 
I had those ladies wrapped around my finger!

Jen even cozied up to me and bear for a little Dora session.  Who thought she would know the song?!?
Dada took everyone out for a ride in his boat.  Too bad we couldn't stay out longer, but I was cravin'....
Shrimps!  My new favorite treat.  And the key lime ice cream pie.  Everyone go to the Stingaree!  
Bye Dawn and Jen - I'll miss you.  See ya next time!