Sunday, July 08, 2007

The pictures are up!!!

We had pictures taken by a local photographer, Sara Moon. We wanted to capture Keegan at one year. Sara was amazing ~ she came to our home and photographed us here and around the neighborhood. She's a really neat person, and she took some fabulous pictures to boot.
I highly recommend her.
Her website is located at Click on "Clients" at the top of the screen and type in Keegan as the password. Make sure to turn on the volume so you can hear the music, and enjoy! We did! We are! Now how to possibly choose...I'd love to hear which ones you like...
Happy First Birthday Keegan!!!!Today I woke up at the Hilton on I-10 in Orange. We stayed there after Chris and Staci's wedding (below). I was so surprised that mama and dada were sleeping in the same room as me (especially because Grandma was in there when I went to sleep) that when they said "Happy Birthday Keegan" this morning, I fell over in the crib.
We ate a nice family breakfast at the local Waffle House. Can't beat it. Then, a nap in the truck back to Katy. Mama decorated the dining room. Very festive. More party stuff. Mama was a sucker when that catalog came in the mail.
When I woke up from my nap, I got my big birthday present from mama and dada. My very own playhouse! It has a "magic" doorbell, a mail slot, a portable telephone (yes, it' s already lost), and a table and bench inside.
Well hello there! Want to come in and play?
Speaking of playing, my friend Luke came over to celebrate my birthday with me. Luke turns one on Wednesday. I'm going to Luke's birthday party next Saturday. There's a rumor that he's having an Elmo cake. Notice my "I am 1" shirt. Luke and I are sippy cup fools.
Mama got me a "1" sippy cup. I also got to eat all the blueberries I wanted for dinner, my favorite food. Luke ate corn right off the cob. He meant business with that corn!
After dinner, mama brought out the cupcakes. She was very perplexed about my first birthday "cake". She wasn't sure she wanted to give me a sugary cake...she looked at recipes for low sugar cakes...she looked for an organic cake...but in the end, decided to go with confetti cupcakes.
Happy 1st birthday to me!

YUCK!!!! This stuff is gross. Give me fresh tomatoes from the garden any day. And mama was worried I would like this stuff.
After making a supreme mess of myself, mama took off my shirt and Luke and I played in my new playhouse. Luke has one of his own, so he showed me around.

Next, came presents. I was not very interested in opening them. But...

I love my new crocs! Thank you so much Luke, Al and Matt. Thank you also to Sandy for the super cool sushi book and toys. Also, thanks to Liz and Erich for my new duds, very cool. And last, but not least, to Uncle Billy, Aunt Kristen, Jamie and Katie for my cool books and t shirts - I like the beaver too. What a great birthday. Now, I need to crash out. Grandma is watching me this week (hi to Ga in Canada!), so I'm going to have to be on my best behavior!
Staci & Chris Melancon ~ July 7, 2007

This weekend, Grandma, Grandpa, dada, mama and I went to Orange, Texas for Staci and Chris's wedding. Dada was Chris's best man. Hey there, hot stuff.
Staci looked beautiful.
She even let me play with her bouquet. I wasn't around when she threw it later that night. Grandma and Grandpa took me back to the hotel because I was crabby.

Hangin' with the boys, lookin' for that girl.
Every bride has got to have some sass.
What to do on a rainy fourth of July? Dada made blueberry pancakes for breakfast. Yum!
Ga braved the rain to pick the next bushel of tomatoes, cukes, jalepenos, and herbs. Any takers on tomato donations?

I read my new book from Grandma. Ma posted this picture because she says I look like a little man, not just a baby anymore.