Monday, June 18, 2007

This weekend I got to celebrate my one year birthday early with Ga and Pawpaw. Ga couldn't wait any longer to give me my gift, a super cool, bright green Kawasaki road racer with awesome sounds effects. This thing is great! Can you tell by the expression on my face that I love it? Heck, I look happier that that kid on the box.
I got right on it and went for a spin. Later guys.
Dada helped me to drive. Can you tell by his expression that he loves it too?
This weekend we drove to Beaumont to celebrate Father's Day with Pawpaw and dada. They went fishing on Sunday while mama and I slept and Ga went to church. We opened gifts when they got home. Pawpaw got all kinds of cool stuff, including new boating Crocs.
Dada got a pitcher so that mama can make him lots of beer-ritas, and a tray for carrying in stuff from the BBQ. Mama and I gave him our gift last weekend. Remember? The fixed up bathroom.
While we were in Beaumont for Father's Day, we arranged a play date with the law school ladies and babies. Hannah, Kelly and Gaile's baby is on the right. She's the only girl and she's hot stuff. Luke and I both tried to get her attention. We had a hot dog eating contest, and I'm pretty sure Luke won. He is a hot dog eating machine! I think I ate more grapes though. James, Molly and Colin's baby boy, couldn't make it this trip because he is having surgery in a few weeks on his heart - we are all thinking good thoughts for James to make a speedy recovery. We'll see you next time buddy!
After we ate we went out back to hang out on Kelly and Gaile's porch. They have a sweet set up back there...a full kitchen, baby fenced off play area complete with swing and slide, and the pool.
Before too long, we convinced our mamas to put us in our gear so we could swim. Don't laugh, seriously. Someday our mamas are going to really get a kick out of this picture. Matching Nemos.

Mamas and babies, and Matt too.

Barry, Luke, Allison and me, posing.

Even dada got in the water. It was a great day. Thanks to Kelly and Gaile for having us. Maybe some day my parents will be cool enough to get a pool.