Saturday, July 23, 2011

For my 5th birthday, we had a blow out birthday party -- Angry Birds!
Every night I play Angry Birds with dada before bed, and I like to sneak his phone and play it when ever I can. I LOVE this game! (and I'm actually pretty good)
It was a family affair - we all had t-shirts:
I was bomber bird, my favorite;
and even Finnegan joined in the fun. He's "addicted."
At the party, dada met with all the kiddos to explain the egg-hunt;
and then we went wild, finding all the goodies in the eggs.
In the eggs, there were stickers (from China!), puffs from Etsy, whistles (too loud), kooshie birds, and bird finger puppets. Mama had fun shopping for the party!
After the egg hunt, dada set up an obstacle course.
The favor bags were a hit. Dada wrapped up mini chocolate bars with Happy "Bird-day" wrappings.
And we had "Fly Into Reading" bookmarks, and Thank You notes.
Dada showed the kids how to bust open the Pig pinata with the Samurai sword, and I showed them the bag to put the candy in.
Meanwhile, the kids kept Finnegan entertained.
The PIG pinata! We love Etsy.
Pizza's here!
It was fun being the birthday boy - my buddies wanted to sit next to me.
Angry Birds cupcakes - YUM!
Mama was proud of her cupcakes.
I approved!
Dada projected the game on to the wall so that everyone could play. We had more fun running around.
Finn wished he could jump in the moonwalk, but he's too little.
We opened presents and I was really excited about everything. I got great gifts!
On the way out, everyone got a water bottle, because kids work up a thirst at parties.
The Byman boys stayed after the party for a private ninja session. This was a surly crew.