Monday, August 30, 2010

First day of school!
Today I started the four year old class at Second Baptist. I was excited and nervous. Check out my new kicks.
Loading up in the minivan. I am so proud of mama's minivan. I tell anyone that will listen how cool it is.
Tonight I had my first official homework. I had to write my name three times. I was not very excited about homework, but I did it and then I called Grandma and Grandpa to brag. They were very proud of me.
Gummy was pretty patient with waiting while mama focused on me during homework, but he did let out a scream when I got a popsicle and he did not.
Last Friday, Gummy turned 3 weeks. It's hard to believe that at the end of this week, he'll be 1 month old. Time is going by much faster with Gummy than with me, mama thinks.
Gummy makes some funny faces. Mama calls them Finn's faces. Like this kissy face...
or peaceful face...
chillin' face...
and smiley face....caught on camera!
We were all getting a little stir crazy, so we decided to take a trip to the beach. The beach cures all.
Ga and her new little man.
Me and Bear. I stayed down at the beach with Ga and Papa and had some special Grandparent time so that mama could try to get life in order in Katy (haha). Thanks Ga and Papa, for letting me stay and run it out.
Mama and Gummy came back down to the beach to get me and we all had good times.
More love from Grandma....and wrapped up in my blanket from Sarah. Cozy times.
Oh sleepy Gummy. All you seem to do is sleep. And eat. And cry. And poop.
Gummy did "find" his thumb and suck on it for a while. Mama and dada are still holding out on the pacifier, but maybe not for much longer.
Mama thinks Gummy looks like the old munch-chi-chi toys in this picture. Anyone remember those?
Gummy, in a rare moment of being awake. He probably just had a bath, because his hair is all sticky up.
Mama and her boys.
All of mama's boys.
Mama's friends Ruth, Scott and sweet baby Olivia came by to meet Gummy too. They brought me a super dooper cool bat man monster truck. When I saw it, I said "just what I've always wanted!"
How cute is Olivia? She is all girl, just like I'm all boy.
And speaking of boy, here's a couch full of them! All admiring the Iphone, of course.
Stir crazy baby!
I am not used to sitting around the house all day while someone is nursing, so I was getting a little stir crazy. So, mama and dada left Gummy with Grandma and packed me up with some boats. We went to a little park near the house where you can float the boats down the fountain.
I got some energy out by running up and down, up and down, up and down, you get the idea.
After sending all the boats down, I refueled with a Texas peach. Then I was ready to go again!
Grandma and Grandpa rushed down from Chicago to visit Gummy. When I was born they had to work around their work schedules, but retirement is good so they were here just four days after Gummy was born!
Grandpa got in some sweet time with his new, and last, grandson.
Grandma stayed for two weeks and she helped out so much that we are all not quite sure what to do now that she's gone home to Chicago. Thanks Grandma, for everything!
My friends Luke and Davis came over to meet Gummy. I had just opened a gift from my friends the Howells which included some water balloons, so dada and I (mostly dada) filled them up with water for Luke and Davis and me to pelt each other with.
It took much longer to fill the balloons up than for us three guys to throw them. When we were done, Luke put the bucket on his head. What a nut!
We played in the backyard together. It was hot, so I was glad to have one of dada's cold ones. Just kidding!
We all played in my "pirate ship." Luke and Davis would actually look at the camera when asked, as opposed to me who would not look, even when begged.
Earlier in the evening dada and I had caught the ice cream man and got treats for the boys. When we were just hot enough, dada brought out the ice creams and we tore them up.