Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Trip to Ga and Pawpaw's future beach house
Last week, Ga, Pawpaw, dada and I went down to the beach to stake out Ga and Pawpaw's future beach house. They are going to start building this winter, if those government folks ever approve the sewer system. Does anyone have any connections in the Galveston sewer district? Any who...
After we staked out the property, I helped Pawpaw hammer in the stakes, no small feat as the hammer weighs two and a half pounds, about one-eighth of what I weigh.
Phew, this is hard work. There's no free ride with my grandparents.
After we pounded the stakes, we stopped by the Maguires for a cold beverage. I hung out with my bud Johnny.

And then I passed out on the way home to Katy. All that pounding will really take it out of a little fellow.
I'm back! Spiderman is here to save the day, this time completely decked out from head (eye mask [worn on my forehead] and skullcap)... to toes (Spiderman shoes). I am one serious superhero.
We trick or treated at 3 neighbors' houses. I saw a HUGE purple spider along the way that I just had to check out.

And then we went home to give candy out to all the other kids. Truthfully, I liked giving more than getting. Maybe that's because mama only let me eat one half of one mini kit-kat.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Guitar Hero III
After a quick lesson from dada...

I was rocking out like a juke box hero. Anyone want to come over and jam?

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Happy Halloween, almost. Today we went to the Little Gym for their Halloween party. It was lots of fun. I got to run around in my Spiderman costume. I even kept on my hat, for about three minutes. There was no way I was going to put on my face mask. Mama and dada will try again on Wednesday, but no promises. My friend Ross dressed up like Shrek; he takes class with me on Saturday. Ross is in the background on the right. I don't know the dragon or pumpkin.
I used my Spidey-senses to lead me through the maze.
I even wore my Spiderman backpack, and my instructor gave me some animal crackers to put inside. I get to eat them for dessert tonight. Yum! No need for candy bars when you can have animal crackers.
Board Break-a-Thon for DARE
On Saturday, the Booster Club at dada's taekwondo school held a board break-a-thon to support DARE in Katy. Mama and I went to watch. I'm not ready to break boards, yet. Maybe next year...
Mike kept me company for a bit when I was getting antsy sitting in my stroller.
This is my babysitter, Cindy, cracking through a board with a flying side kick. Cindy raised a lot of money for DARE. She might have had more boards to break than anyone. Cindy is tough on those boards, but very sweet to me.

The Booster Club raised $4500 in all. Congrats guys, and good job!
Hanging out with the guys after the Texans' game. Too bad they can't win one to save their lives. Poor dada, all he wants is a win!