Monday, March 17, 2008

I had a very special outfit my Meemaw brought to me last time she was here. I kept wanting to wear it because I love wearing Elmo clothes, but mama saved it so that it would be clean and tidy for the big day. You can't say that about it now.
Top 'o the mornin' to 'ya! I danced a few jigs throughout the day.
And ate my first cornbeef dinner complete with carrots, cabbage (not my favorite, it definitely falls into the "lettuce" category), rutabaga and potatoes. I did not like the rhubard pie either, which didn't hurt dada's feelings any. I traded it in for a Dora the Explorer popsicle, lime green, of course.
Ga and I had a great time celebrating today. Can't wait for next year.
While we were partying at Allison's, Ga, Pawpaw and their friend Tommy went to the Irish Festival in Lake Charles. Pawpaw finally got to wear his kilt that Santa brought him for Christmas. Unfortunately his sporan (aka man purse) was back in Katy because it arrived after Ga left on Friday, but he made due without. I think he had enough Guinness to forget.
Happy 30th Allison!
On Saturday, Allison's parents had a bday party for Al at their new house in the country. It came equipped with a barn, fish pond, pool and all the amenities. I had a blast, and hardly stopped moving the entire time I was there. Allison's dad said "that boy can move!" You have no idea. I did stop moving briefly to hang with Luke's "T.C." who blew some serious bubbles. I was so intrigued I left that funny headband on.
We sat in this chair for 3 seconds, which is why the picture was fuzzy. Mama thinks we'll enjoy seeing us together someday, but for now, we don't mind eachother, but don't "play" yet.

Eventually we had to leave because I couldn't keep my fingers out of the beer cooler. Really, I was just grabbing for ice cubes (to help my aching teeth - will teething never end), but the adults thought it was pretty funny that mama couldn't keep me out of there.
It's all in the genesIt's a well known fact that the Pollard men are the best truck washers around, and I'm no exception.
I got the low spots, while dada got the high ones. I got pretty wet cleaning dada's truck, so mama let me play with the hose. I had a ball!
And even enjoyed spraying it in my face!
Then I watered the tree, a lot. A whole lot.
The long and the short of it....Welcome home from work, mama - the boys are glad you are here!
Pounding, pounding on my new toy. Does anyone have a hammer?