Monday, February 11, 2008

On Sunday evening, I went to my buddy Kyler's two year birthday party. I brought him a super cool Elmo guitar that I really wanted to keep but mama insisted was a gift for Kyler. Kyler's party was at Pump it Up, one of those bouncy places. I had a blast! My favorite bouncer was the one with basketball hoops. I ran up and down the court until I finally could not run anymore, believe it or not.
Dada even got into the action...
and took me down the gigantic slide. It's tough work getting up it, but the ride down makes it all worth it!
My buddy Mike took me down another slide. Mama caught my faux-hawk in rare form.
Sesame Street Live
On Saturday evening, we met our buddies Allison, Matt and Luke at Reliant Center to see Sesame Street Live. Mama and dada can't believe that every single child in that theater knew Elmo's name, but they did. It's uncanny. I was quite intrigued with Elmo, but really couldn't have cared less for the other characters. It was almost a riot when Elmo left the stage!
Luke sat nicely in his parents laps, while I insisted on standing up and doing happy feet during the show. Luke was able to make it until intermission - I had to go for a walk way before intermission. Oh well, that's just the way I roll.

Maybe if my parents got me popcorn like Luke's did, I would have sat in their laps. Then again, maybe not.
Welcome to Ga and Pawpaw's house!
On Friday we celebrated mama finishing her arbitration with a family trip to the beach to check the progress on Ga and Pawpaw's house. It's coming along nicely, don't you think?
I could run to my heart's content in there. By the way, it was also my 19 month birthday. At 18 months, my stats were 22 lbs (almost), 32.75 inches tall and I'm in the 25% percentile for head size. Chase anyone?
Ga and I checked out the 'hood to see if any neighbors were home.
Y'all come back now, 'ya hear?
I love family day!
Superbowl weekend
Staci and Chris came out from Beaumont over Superbowl weekend. Dada and Chris went fishing Friday and Saturday. Staci and I got to play all day Saturday because mama was busy at work preparing for arbitration. Staci will chase me as long and I want to be chased. She is one of my very best friends. I like to say "Staci's", as in Staci's drink, Staci's book, Staci's anything. Frankly, I just like saying Staci.

We even played a little Wii. Uncle Chris and I chilled out on Sunday night and watched the game, with snacks. See you guys again soon!