Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Happy Birthday Papa!
This weekend we went down to the beach to celebrate Papa's birthday.  Ga and I baked him a cake, and I got to help spread the icing. 
Papa couldn't help but oversee the cake making progress. 
And I helped to blow out the candles.  Many, many happy returns Papa.  We love you!

Monday, November 02, 2009

Happy Halloween everyone!  This year I decided that I wanted to be a bat.  Not Batman, or Batboy, just a bat.  I read some books from the library about bats, and that gave me the idea. Ga sewed beautiful black silky material on a shirt to make wings.  I even wore a bat mask.  
I posed with Headless Harry in the yard for a picture.  A few years ago, Papa bought him for me and now mama and dada dread when he comes out at Halloween time - they aren't fans at all.  But I love him.  I beg for Ga to plug him in and then I throw everything I can in front of him to trigger him to lift his head off his shoulders and make his scary loud laugh.  Most kids would be scared of him, but he's my buddy.  
Dada took me on my first trip trick or treating while mama waited at home to pass out candy (and eat 100 Reese's peanut butter cups - in her defense, I couldn't eat them anyway).
Unpacking my loot.  The people in Seven Meadows are no joke!  Good stuff. 
But really, I'd rather just have ice cream.  
This is the second year I got to participate in the Noah's Ark Parade at school.  All the kids dress up as animals and we parade around the lobby.  Mama and Ga say it is really cute. 
I wore my bat costume that Ga made for me - thanks Ga!  Here I am with Ms. Valerie.  She held my hand super tight, because
as soon as she let it go, I ran over to mama!
I have a crush on the bumblebee, Sarah Jane, even though she towers over me. 
A muddy night at the beach
One weekend, we got a bunch of rain at the beach, and I watched with interest as a big mud hole formed at the end of Ga and Papa's beach house.  It was then that I decided that I would get in that mud hole.  I come by this honestly -- mama spent lots of time digging in the mud as a kid. 
I started with a toe, then a foot, and before mama knew it, my shoes were buried in mud.  
Who could get mad at a face like this?  For long at least. 
My class at school has a mascot -- Mona the monkey.  Each week, a different kid gets to bring Mona home for the weekend.  Mona has a book where each kid writes stories about the adventures they had with Mona.  I thought it would be neat to bring Mona to the beach. 
Here she is hanging with her banana for breakfast. 
Mona took her first ride on the Galveston ferry.  It was such a pretty day out!
Ga and I had a good time getting ready for Halloween.  Ga dug out all her cool holiday goodies, including a tic tac toe game with pumpkins and skulls.  I'm not bothered at all by all the skulls and other freaky Halloween stuff.  In that regard, I definitely take after the Pollards more than the Hochmuths. 

Friday, October 23, 2009

Last weekend at the beach, mama, dada, papa and I took the ferry to Galveston to go to Academy to find some new shoes for Ga's birthday (happy birthday Ga!). Instead, I found these cool kicks. I really did want to leave the store in them, but wasn't moving very fast.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

This week I've been sick, yuck sick.  I was out of it last Sunday, started running a high temp Monday morning, which stuck for a couple days, then I got an awful cough.  On Thursday, we went to the doctor and I have "almost bronchitis."  I am taking an inhaler for a couple days, and an antibiotic.  I'm feeling much better today, Saturday, and miraculously, no one else in the house caught it.  Mama and I played outside tonight.  It was actually cool out.  
Playing in my pirate ship, looking for ferries.  
Mama said "typical Keegan."  I love to fly off the slide.  
On Friday, dada and I built a "car show" down the entire length of the hallway.  No doubt, I have a lot of cars.  
Crazy hair and a chocolate chip cookie.  Scar on forehead has healed well, as has finger.  
Last weekend mama and dada's friends Ruthie and Scott, and precious 5 month old Olivia visited the beach.  The weather was pretty rotten, but we made a good time of it. 
When the rain stopped, we were able to hang out under the beach house and play, until the mosquitos came out.  
I think Olivia had a great time!
A few weekends ago, Grandpa and Grandma flew on a Southwest airplane to visit me.  They brought lots of new toys, as usual, and I'm one spoiled grandkid.  Grandma loved to soak in the sun at Ga and Papa's beach house.  

We finally brought out the stomp rocket this weekend.  My best buddy Luke gave it to me for my birthday, but mama stashed it until a "rainy day."  Everyone had fun taking turns seeing how far they could launch it.  Look at me reaching for the stars. 
Mama stomped it high, but not the highest.  Mr. Harvey got that award easy.   We used Dale and Debra's driveway, Ga and Papa's neighbors - my family will stay there at Thanksgiving.  We can't wait to see everyone!
Dada hangin' on the boat. 
Me hangin' on the boat.  I can't wait to get on this puppy with dada to fish again. 
Playin' cars with Grandpa.  He gave me change to load up my dump trucks.  
Thanks for visiting Grandma and Grandpa.  Can't wait to see you at Thanksgiving. 

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

On Tuesdays and Thursdays from 1:30 to 2, dada teaches taekwondo at my school for 3 and 4 year olds.  Mama and dada decided before school started that I wouldn't participate because nap time is from 12:30 to 2, and I need my sleep.  Well, I showed them, I just didn't sleep. Instead, I laid on my nap map and chewed on my shirt out of sheer boredom, so that when Ga and dada picked me up, I was soaked down to my belly - gross.  So, dada told the other taekwondo instructor that if I was awake (and chewing) when he went to the class room to get the other kids that take taekwondo, to grab me too.  Hence, my first day of taekwondo.  
Who's the boss now?  Tough guy. 
Dada was impressed that I walked in a straight line and followed the leader all the way from my classroom to the class.  
It's very important to stretch during taekwondo.  Here, I am doing the butterfly stretch.  Note that my pants are rolled up 5 times at the waist, 3 times at the bottom, and 16 times in the sleeves.  They just don't make uniforms in size "tiny."  Note, however, that I finally reached the 28 pound mark at my last doctor's appointment.  30 lbs isn't so far off!

Monday, September 14, 2009

My grandma sent this cool lunchbox, called the Laptop Lunchbox.  Mama loves it because it's BPA free, and I love it because mama fills it with all good picky foods.  In this version, I have Cheddar Bunnies, cheese squares, tofu, watermelon, and a berry mix.  
And this one is cubed turkey, cheese, grapes, blueberries, cherry tomatoes, and crackers.  
These lunches are so much better than last year's lunches!  Thanks grandma!
On Sunday, we traded places with Mac and went outside to run around a bit. 
The recent rains have made the flowers bloom. 
Taking a quick break for a drink
Drinking mama's too
Digging in the dirt, sweaty head

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

The Pied Piper at Crystal Beach
Ga and Papa bought me a boat for my birthday, and we finally got around to blowing it up this weekend.  All the adults took turns taking us for rides, and we couldn't get enough.  
On Sunday we went for a family boat ride on dada's boat.  It was nice to speed through the water, and it was actually nice when the wind was whipping in our hair. 
Dada was proud of me for bringing my fishing rod along, so we stopped to cast a few. 
Whew, it sure did get hot when we stopped the boat.  

Ga and mama didn't fish, but they were good cheerleaders.