Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Dada went to Cancun two weeks ago to celebrate Mike's, one of his best friends from college, wedding. Mama was not able to go so Dada shared a room with Crazy Richie, Just likethe old days in college Richie showed Dada some of his new magic tricks.

I don't think there was a hot tub in Richie and Dada's room in college, and I'm sure the maids didn't leave a towel swan when they cleaned. What were those resorts maids thinking? Honeymooners??
Dada and Richie finally caught up with Mike. He was a very busy guy. Can you believe they found him in the resort bar? That was the very last place they looked for Mike. In fact they just passed it by on their way back to the room to call it an early night.
Here is a picture of Mike and Keri at the wedding. Dada is soo happy for Mike, the BIG SWEETIE. They make a great couple! Welcome to the family Keri. Now Let's celebrate this wedding!!!
After the wedding, some Mexican guy named Don Julio Blanco, talked Richie into taking a dive into the pool.
Looks like Mr. Don Julio was talking to everyone.
Mike took advantage of the situation and washed his socks while in the pool. Maybe that Don Julio fella was pretty smart after all.
Dada, Richie, and Mike send their best from Cancun. Best of luck to Mike and Keri, can't wait to meet you guys.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Boys trip to Dewberry Farm

Yesterday mama and I went to Dewberry Farms with Stacy and Jackson, Allison and Luke, and friends Marsha and Barry. It was quite a crowd. The boys were not happy sitting in the strollers while moms bought tickets. But, it wasn't long before we got to run free.Here I am in the mini pumpkin patch with my bud Luke in the background, playing with Barry and Marsha. We just "officially" learned that Luke is going to be a big brother. Mama keeps saying she can't imagine how Allison is chasing Luke and carrying another baby - whatever that means. Guess there are no more babies in the immediate future over here. Fine with me.
I'd rather play with a tractor any day. I don't want to sit on the tractor, but I like to push the tractor. This is a nice view of the farm, and Barry and Luke sitting by the duck pond.
Whoa! Now that is one big pig. And no, I didn't wet my pants. My sippy cup leaked in my stroller. Really.
Luke and I enjoyed a friendly game of duck race. Then I tried to eat the duck. Mama was scared I was going to contract foot and mouth disease, so we moved on to another activity.
Luke and I fed the goats. Too bad Jackson didn't make it into any pictures. He's a year older than us so he was seriously on the move!
The slide may have been my favorite part of the farm.
I was so proud of myself each time I climbed to the top...
I would look down at mama...
And then rush down giggling like a little piggy. Sweet! Hope to see you boys soon, oh and the ladies too.