Tuesday, May 27, 2008

This weekend, Chris read me a special story about Call-you. You might have heard of Caillou, but this is Call-you, from the cajun swamp. I love when Chris puts a new spin on my favorite stories.
One of my favorite past times these days is to "drive" all my vehicles - trucks, trains, tractors, boats, taxis, you get the idea - and park them in the shower. Then I drive them all back out to the living room. It doesn't get better than this!
Peepaw made me this cool worm train. It came in a big box all the way from Chicago. I had fun pulling it around all evening...
and into the night. Thank you Peepaw!
Last weekend mama and dada's friend Laura came to visit with her husband Bart. Laura used to live in Beaumont in "the olden days." Now Laura and Bart live in Kentucky, but Laura has a good friend in San Antonio that she comes to visit about once a year. While she's there, she makes the trek to Katy to visit mama and dada. Laura came to visit last year before I was even walking. What a big change! This time we went out for Mexican food and the adults all watched me get seriously dirty in the restaurant sandbox. Sand in your fahitas? Thanks for visiting guys! One of these years, we'll go to San Antonio!
Water table funAfter visiting the Bymans and enjoying their water table, Ga bought me one on one of our shopping trips. She figures I can stay cool while she tends to the garden.
Ga showed me how all the parts work.

Surprise, surprise, I got wet, wet, wet and so got stipped down. Check out my ribs! You'd never believe I eat like a little piggy most of the time.