Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Happy Retirement Grandma and Grandpa.

After many long years of slaving away to ensure mama and dada had more than they even knew they could ask for, Grandma and Grandpa are finally retired. Grandma had to work two years longer to get Grandpa through to 65 because she carried the insurance. To celebrate, mama and Uncle Billy arranged a surprise visit to Minnesota. Grandma and Grandpa thought they were coming up to see Jamie and Katie in a play, but just after they arrived and got settled, mama opened the basement door and I ran right in front of them. After Grandma got over the initial shock of the "ghost" opening the basement door, she and Grandpa were so excited to have the families together for the weekend. And what a weekend is was...
There is a story behind this piano, but mama doesn't remember it. It was maybe my great, great, great, great, great Grandma's????? Anywho, whose ever's it was, I sure enjoyed playing it!
Me and Gramps.
Come sail away, come sail away, come sail away on Lake Minnetonka with me... On Saturday we took advantage of the lovely weather (seriously guys, you couldn't beat it) and took a cruise on Lake Minnetonka. Even the retired couple loved it! Don't they look so content? Fall colors were just starting, so all the trees had a golden hue. Mama would like to retire to this house, in the summer. She'll go back to stay with dada in the bay house in Texas in the winter.
After I took a nap with dada....
I had a blast running around, or trying to, on the boat. Grandma got a kick out of my antics.
Katie enjoyed a brief moment of relaxation before she began chasing me again.
The captain let me take the controls for a very brief minute. Then he got nervous and gave mama "a look."
Uncle Billy took a turn watching me too. He said he wouldn't throw me in the water as long as I behaved. Good picture of Jamie, otherwise known as Jaybird. Jamie is going to play Ms. Hannegan in the musical Annie this fall. She's the tallest girl in her class!
Aunt Kristen looking beautiful as always.
And Grandma too. Retirement is working for her!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Ok, mama admits it, she's beat. She blogged the end of the trip first, and just can't muster the energy to do the beginning of the trip now. Maybe tomorrow, maybe Thursday....or maybe it will wait until Friday when she is taking off the last day of the billable year to just RELAX!

Stay tuned for Part I of our trip to Minnesota.
After the boat cruise, we ran around the yard so I could blow off some steam. It was a long ride on that boat, and lots of time spent keeping me contained.
I ran, and ran and ran. No fire ants to worry about up here.
This duck is so funny. I even quacked once to show my enthusiasm. And after a good run, what's better than chilling out on the hammock with Grandpa?
The fall colors were beautiful. But, just like that, it was time to go back to Texas. Hopefully we'll see Uncle Billy, Aunt Kristen, Jamie and Katie before Christmas 2008, which is the next planned trip - this place is going to look a lot different in December! I'll see Grandma and Grandpa for Thanksgiving! Happy retirement guys, you deserve it!
First Sauerbraten dinner

My Aunt Kristen made Sauerbraten for dinner on Saturday, and Katie kept me company while I played in the pan cupboard. The last time the family had Sauerbraten together was Christmas, but I was still on a liquid diet. Sauerbraten is a traditional German meal where a huge hunk of beef is soaked in a vinegar and water mixture with cloves and a bay leaf for three days. It is then slow cooked for a long time so that the meat about falls apart. The gravy is served over potato balls, which are potatoes that are riced, formed into balls, and boiled. The sides are always green beans and red cabbage. Like a good Irish chap, I did eat the potato balls, and I gave those green beans a run for their money. Well, I'm not 100% Kraut, so mama's not surprised I wasn't a huge fan of the meat, but I bet I learn to like it in a few years. If not, Grandpa says there is more for him.
Hey can call me Hef.
Come on over anytime!