Monday, November 24, 2008

Trip to the Montrose Firestation

My friend Liam's daddy is my hero - he's a fireman. I kept hearing about him, so I asked mama to set up a playdate with Liam and his mama to go visit the firehouse. Serious connections, people.

William, where are you?
Here he is! How cool is that? Liam and I got to crawl all over the firetruck. I even got to drive. Look how huge the wheel is!
We got to play with all kinds of contraptions. And I even got to hold the firehose. William said I showed promise.
What a great trip! Thanks to William and all the guys for making us feel welcome - we even got coloring books and stickers. And, we PROMISE to bring food next time!
It's beginning to look at lot like Christmas...we're taking the easy route this year since we'll be in Minnesota freezing our touches off...pre-lit mini Christmas trees!
Trip to the Houston AquariumMama had to work last Sunday (hence the seriously interrupted blogging), so dada and I drove down after my nap to visit her and take her to dinner. We got "the pass", which allowed to do all sorts of fun stuff. First we rode the ferris wheel. I wasn't so sure about it, until mama pulled out the John Deere gummies and then everything was just fine.
Can't beat gummies up in the sky!
Next we rode on the train, which was very cool since I'm all about trains these days. I even plan to ask Santa Claus for a train set.
At one point, the train stopped inside a big tunnel. All of a sudden the lights turned on and we were surrounded by SHARKS! Dada, look out, there's one headed straight for your head. I kept saying "get out, get out now!"
Mama thought it was cool when a big shark passed over us. I was still saying "get out, get out now." Eventually they let us out.
I was much happier on the merry go round, although it took me five tries to decide which sea animal to ride on. I eventually went with the sea horse.
While we were waiting in line, mama and I crawled on these guys.
We also got to tour the actual acquarium. I stared at this huge fish. He was cool!

Dada showed me his favorite fish, the arawana. Dada used to have an arawana in his fish tank, but he stopped buying them after his favorite one jumped out of the tank and stunk up mama and dada's old apartment.
I've been helping dada rehab his leg by begging for rides on the bike.