Sunday, June 01, 2008

Keegan "Pollack"??? Last weekend after we got back from the beach, I was feeling very crabby. So, mama plopped me in the tub with finger paints and let me go to town. See my masterpiece! I felt much better after, having fully released my creative juices by banging my paint-loaded hands on the wall. I even helped mama wash it off after.
Happy housewarming Ga and Papa! Last weekend, Ga and Papa had a party so that all their friends could come down to see the beach house progress and enjoy dada's fish catching bounty. Luke and I aren't real big on fish yet, so we shared a plate of turkey dogs and watermelon instead. Luke was very well behaved, as usual, and sat still in his chair while he was eating, while I ran circles around the table, only stopping for a quick bite. Luke, Mr. Byman and I played in dada's kayak. The Howell's boys visited too. In this picture, they were catching a frog. Luke apparently doesn't suffer from the same fright of frogs as his mama. I wasn't a huge fan either, and preferred to stay in the kayak.
My other buddies Liam and his older brother Logan came over too. We got Uncle Chris to pull us for a ride in the wagon.
Papa tried on his kilt he got for Xmas for everyone at the party. Doesn't he look snazzy? Well, except for the shoes - we need to get him some next shoes for Xmas.
Of course, there was time for playing in the sand, but we didn't make it down to the beach. It was too crazy with all the drivers and a high tide.
Had to take a picture with sweet Staci!

Thanks to everyone that came down - we all had a great time - even Mac!