Saturday, May 14, 2011

Sweet outfit from Jacinta, all the way from Canada. Thanks for making me look so dapper!
Happy Mother's Day! We celebrated at home by letting mama go to the gym to spin, and then made her a tasty breakfast. We also celebrated at school by inviting our mamas in and singing to them. We sang Skinamarinkdeedinkdeedoo, I love you. I actually sang, and did the hand movements, even though I usually don't sing in groups. Mama was very happy and proud of me.
We also got to tell our mama's their favorite food, drink, desert and thing to cook. I said nachos, Coke, ice cream and meatloaf. Mama's not sure about nachos, although they are pretty tasty, she definitely doesn't drink Coke, I was spot-on with ice cream, and I was really thinking of Ga when I said meatloaf because everyone knows that mama doesn't really cook, much. She was a little embarrassed because her sign was next to Ms. Salad, Water, None and Healthy Dinners, but what can you do?
Happy Easter everyone! Ga gets the award for being the only person looking at the camera.
Posing with mama and dada. Believe it or not, we all went to church with Ga. It was pretty nice, except that I let out a large toot and laughed. Other than that, it was good.
We went to the beach for Easter weekend. I colored eggs, and Finn ate. Finn loves to eat.
After we were done coloring and eating, we went outside to play. There are no pictures of me because I am downstairs hunting frogs. Finn was sunning himself on the deck.
Happy Finn, still with two teeth.
What a perfect day, a perfect weekend.
We are becoming better and better friends, now that we can wrestle.
Rico suave with 3 buttons undone...
Sweet boy (with a big scratch across my cheek from wrestling).
I love my super cute blanket from Great Aunt Lorraine (a/k/a Aunt O'Rain by Keegan). Mama's also been known to borrow it after I go to bed. Thanks again Aunt Lorraine, we miss you! When are you coming to Texas again?
Saturday morning shows on mama's computer.
Finn wants Baby Einstein.
I want Super Hero Squad.
In April, I had my first belt testing for my TaeKwonDo Cubs class.
The whole family came to watch, even Finn.
I was on my best behavior, even *kindof* standing in line. I'm still the tiniest one.
It was neat for dada to be able to watch instead of run the testing. It was also a little stressful.
Standing on my dot and trying to listen hard and follow instructions.
Punch, punch, punch!
High blocks too!
Bounding, literally, to get my new YELLOW belt!
Me, in my new belt, and my instructors Mr. Atchley and Mr. Reade. So proud!
Papa decided it was time for me to drink Guinness (directly)
I decided a little foam on his finger wasn't cutting it. Yum!
We are very sad to report that Ga's sister Marilyn passed away in April. We know that we have a very special angel smiling down on us, but we miss her very, very much. She was such an amazing woman who loved life and everyone she met.
This is my favorite book - That's Not My Lion. I love to feel his too soft tail, his scratchy paws and shiny teeth.
Life is good!
Dada and his boys. I'm playing Angry Birds. I can't get enough of it.
Yep, no doubt about it, I love New York. Mama had to go to NYC for business for 3 days in February. Since I am still nursing, mama made it into a family trip and dada and I joined her. It was super cold there, so dada and I spent most of the time in the hotel room when mama was at work, but we did venture out some to see the city. And we did a big family walk on Friday night before flying home the next morning.